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Tobacco Company Profile - Karelia


"Tobacco Company Profile - Karelia, is an analytical report by GlobalData which provides extensive and highly detailed current and future conditions and opportunities of the company. It covers key company facts, corporate structure, financial hightlights, cigarette business review, company strengths, strategies and performance.

Karelia was established in 1888 by George and Stathis Karelias and is still controlled by the Karelia family. Having been listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1976, Karelia ranks fourth in the Greek market with over 10% share in 2015, and is the largest independent company in Greece.


- Karelia's international ambitions have resulted in the company successfully developing a sizeable export business with more than 10 billion pieces sold internationally in 2015.
- The latest annual financial data available shows company turnover at nearly 630.00 million in 2015, a double-digit growth from 2014 and reaching a new high.
- Despite a growing and widespread geographic presence Karelia's international sales are believed to be principally generated from European/EU countries

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