Wealth in South Africa: HNW Investors 2017




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Wealth in South Africa: HNW Investors 2017


"Wealth in South Africa: HNW Investors 2017", analyzes the South African investment market, with a focus on the HNW segment. The report is based on our proprietary datasets.

More than 40% of South African HNW investors generated their wealth through earned income, mainly through manufacturing and the real estate and property sector. Most HNW individuals opt to have their assets managed by a professional, driven by a lack of expertise. However, clients who self-direct their investments do so mainly to avoid management fees and to retain exclusive control over some of their portfolio. Equities are the preferred asset class, but property, alternatives, and cash are forecast to experience notable increases over the next 12 months. Demand is quite pronounced for pension and inheritance planning, and a strong increase in demand is forecast across all planning services.

Specifically the report -
- Sizes the affluent market (both by number of individuals and their demographics) using our proprietary datasets.
- Analyzes which asset classes are favored by South African investors and how their preferences impact the growth of the total savings and investments market.
- Examines HNW clients attitudes towards non-liquid investments such as property and commodities.


- Expats account for a below-average proportion of the HNW population, with UK HNW migrants accounting for the majority.
- While equities dominate, demand for alternatives is forecast to rise rapidly as investors are looking for new means of diversification.
- Despite a strong preference for discretionary mandates, 21.5% do not place their assets with a professional manager, which is double the global average.
- Demand is strongest for pension and inheritance planning services, and will increase further increase over the next two years, along with demand for financial planning services.

Reasons to buy

- Benchmark your share of the South African wealth market against the current market size.
- Forecast your future growth prospects using our projections for the market to 2020.
- Identify your most promising client segment by analyzing penetration of affluent individuals in South Africa.
- Evaluate your HNW proposition by understanding how the South African tax system will impact HNW clients.