Emerging Opportunities in the Chinese Wealth Management Industry: Market Size, Strategies, Products and Competitive Landscape




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The report provides detailed market analysis, information and insights, including:

  • In-depth analysis of wealth management strategies adopted by banking and financial institutions in China
  • How companies in China are adopting marketing strategies to succeed in the wealth management industry 
  • Key trends and drivers supporting the growth of the wealth management industry in China
  • Challenges faced by companies in the Chinese wealth management industry
  • Company-wise analysis of marketing strategies and product offerings in the wealth management industry


Chinas GDP recorded strong annual growth of 9.5% in 2011, growth that is expected to continue over the forecast period. This makes the country an attractive investment location for wealth management firms. Moreover, China has the main components that comprise a high-growth wealth management market, including a very large and young affluent customer base, an improving wealth situation among the global Chinese population, a governmental desire to more tightly regulate the countrys financial services, and an increasing share of organized companies as compared to the unorganized workforce. The volume of HNWIs in China increased at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.96% during the review period (20072011), while the total wealth of Chinas HNWIs recorded a CAGR of 9.77% during the review period. 


  • This report provides an extensive analysis of the Chinese wealth management industry, including market sizing by asset classification
  • The report highlights various asset classes available for HNWIs and also classifies the investment made by HNWIs in each of the mentioned asset classes
  • It also provides an analysis of the marketing strategies used by banking and financial services companies in China
  • The report provides a detailed understanding of the product offerings of banking and asset management companies 
  • It also provides insights into the strategies that companies can adopt to succeed in the industry to strengthen market position

Reasons To Buy

  • Gain in-depth insight into the wealth management industry and the strategies used in China
  • Understand the various market dynamics of the wealth management industry in China
  • Take informed decisions and formulate effective strategies based on the reports detailed market insights on wealth management in China
  • Understand the growth strategies adopted by key companies

Key Highlights

  • China currently has the second-largest number of high-net-worth-individuals (HNWIs) in the Asia-Pacific region after Japan. Over the forecast period (20122016), the wealth and volume of HNWIs in the country is expected to continue to increase strongly, with the number of Chinese HNWIs projected to reach over 2.4 million individuals by 2016.
  • The popularity of alternative asset holdings has increased dramatically over the past two years, growth that is expected to continue into the forecast period and help the share of alternatives within total HNWI assets to increase from 4.7% in 2011 to 8.5% in 2016.
  • Chinas HNWIs provide strong growth prospects for the countrys wealth management firms and private banks, as there is currently a relatively low penetration of financial services in China.
  • The Chinese wealth management market is currently highly fragmented as a result of it being in an early stage of development. Moreover, the countrys organized service providers, such as commercial banks and wealth management companies, have thus far predominantly focused on Chinas urban population, neglecting a potentially lucrative customer base of HNWIs that reside in rural areas.
  • Commercial banks, private wealth management companies and asset management companies are adopting various marketing strategies in order to become successful in the Chinese wealth management industry.