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Tobacco additives generally refers to some substances used in cigarette prescription, including sweet-flavored substances such as white sugar, brown sugar, honey, cerealose and so on, flavor intensifiers such as essence, spices and others, humectants such as glycerin, propanediol, propylene glycol, butylene glycol, glucito and so forth, preservatives such as sodium benzoate and combustion improvers such as potassium citrate, potassium sodium tartrate, etc. They can all be added in pipe tobacco, cigarette paper or filter tips.

According to the statistics from tobacco industry, currently, more than 3,000 types of natural substances, together with more than 7,000 sorts of artificial synthesis substances consist of the range of options of tobacco additives. In terms of tobacco manufacturers, the key to producing distinctive cigarettes is additives. With different additives improving the taste of tobaccos, the product may attract different consumer groups, which is the common practice adopted by tobacco manufacturers in the world.

In China, cigarette manufacture occupies over 95% sales revenue of the tobacco product industry. Thus, the major downstream clients of tobacco additives are cigarette manufacturers. In 2011, the sales volume of China's cigarettes achieved 2,412.5 billion, increasing by 2.97% YOY, and the sales revenue reached CNY 1,011.14 billion, rising by 19.3% YOY.

The tobacco additive products vary in sort. The industrial pattern is rather dispersive and relatively close with the essence and flavor industry on the whole. In 2011, the scale of China's tobacco additive market surmounted CNY 5 billion.

In China, without adoption of effective smoking control measures, the number of smokers continuously increase, surmounting 0.3 billion. It is predicted that in a few years, the output and sales of China's cigarettes will maintain an annual growth. With the increase of Chinese people's income per capita, the average sales price of China's cigarettes ascends as well and the type of tobacco additives generally develops towards the advanced ones. It is predicted that, the market space for China's tobacco additives will still be magnificent in the coming years.

This report is written on the basis of market research and development and interviews. 

More following information can be acquired through this report:

  • Supply and Demand of China's Tobacco Additives
  • Major Manufacturers of China's Tobacco Additives
  • Development Trend of China's Tobacco Additive Industry

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