Development of PC Application IC Market in 2017 and Beyond



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Due to the expansion of the mobile device market and the emergence of cloud computing, personal computing needs have been satisfied by smartphones, thereby leading to declines in the consumer PC market since 2013. In the meantime, chip performance has become increasingly important for computer systems as shipment share of high-performance PCs such as gaming PCs and notebook PCs increases and cloud services evolve towards artificial intelligence. This report analyzes transformation of chip demand driven by emerging computer applications and examines key issues with regard to PC application ICs.

Table of Contents

1. Development of Worldwide PC Market

1.1 Continued Declines in Worldwide PC Market
1.2 Development Trends for Worldwide PC Products
1.2.1 Consumer PC Brands Create Differentiation with Gaming PCs
1.2.2 Specifications of PC Peripherals Continue to Evolve
1.2.3 Cloud Computing to Drive Development of Server Specifications

2. Development of PC Application IC Industry
2.1 Worldwide Development
2.2 PC Application IC Development Highlights
2.2.1 Growing Demand for Gaming Notebook PCs
2.2.2 Enhancement in PC Peripherals Intensifies Competition in IC Industry
2.2.3 AI Applications are Having an Impact on Chip Makers’ Business Strategies

3. Key Aspects of PC Application IC Development
3.1 The Differences in Hardware Architecture Between Gaming Notebooks and Desktops are Narrowing
3.2 The Demand for AI is Expanding, and Data Center Providers Will Have an Influence on End System Chips
3.3 AI Development Platform will Become the Main Battlefields
3.4 The Growing Importance of Computer Chips Has Lessened the Impact of Decreased Market Size

4. Conclusion


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Figure 1 Worldwide PC Market Volume, 2014 - 2020
Figure 2 Worldwide IC Market Share by Applications
Figure 3 PC Application IC Market Share by Categories, 2016
Figure 4 Worldwide Server Market Volume, 2012 – 2020
Figure 5 Nvidia’s GPU Product Roadmap
Figure 6 AMD’s GPU Product Roadmap
Figure 7 Leading USB Type-C Chipmakers’ Product Roadmaps
Figure 8 Intel AI Server Processor Portfolio