Market Research on Pre-coated Adhesive Film in China 2017-2022



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Pre-coated adhesive film industry started late in China and manufacturers are generally of small scale. Kangdexin Composite Material Group, listed on the Small and Medium Enterprise Board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, is the world largest pre-coated adhesive film manufacturer. In 2016, Kangdexin Composite Material Groups output of pre-coated adhesive films ranked the highest in China. The company has established ten production lines for the product. In 2016, output of the film in China was about 260 thousand tonnes and market scale reached nearly RMB five billion, rising by 17%.

For recent years, publication, presswork and packing product markets, downstream of the film industry, develop well, increasing demand for the film. Since 2011, China has published and implemented its national green printing certificate standards officially, pre-coated adhesive films are more applied.

At the same, the government has published a series of supportive policies to encourage factories to choose environmentally friendly pre-coated adhesive films, including Guideline opinions on development of plastic processing industry during the 12th five-year period, Catalogue for Guiding Industry Restructuring (2011 Version) (2013 Amendment), guideline opinions on development of plastic processing industry during the 13th five-year period and planning for the development of light industry (2016-2020). All those factors mentioned above contribute to great development space and increasing investors for the industry. In 2022, it is forecasted that output of the film will reach 400 thousand tonnes and market scale will achieve more than RMB seven billion.