Research and Investment Prospect of China\'s Screening Machine Used for Metallurgy and Mining Market, 2012-2016



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Screening machines can be divided into stationary screening machines and movable screening machines, the movable screening machines can be further divided into rotating screening machines and vibrating screening machines. Vibrating screening machines are widely used in coal, steel, mining, road construction, machinery, construction and other industries, the demand in metallurgy and coal industry accounts for about 75% of the total market capacity. 

According to the data analysis of China Heavy Machinery Association, in 2008, Chinas market capacity of vibrating screening machine was CNY 5.762 billion; in 2009, this number reached CNY 7.033 billion; in 2010 was CNY 8.164 billion and the number became CNY 9.23 billion in 2011, the market capacity growth stably. 

After years of development, currently, there are several hundred vibrating screen production enterprises in China, mainly distributed in Henan, Liaoning, Shandong, Hebei, Jiangsu, Anhui, Shanghai and other provinces and cities, of which, Xinxiang in Henan and Anshan in Liaoning has formed industrial clusters of vibrating screening equipments. 

However, there are less than ten enterprises own the ability and technological innovation to produce large-scale vibrating screening machines, most of the enterprises are small-scale manufactures with relatively weak R&D capability; the concentration grade of the entire vibrating screening machine industry is low. 

Chinas mining and metallurgical industry mainly use high-end vibrating screen products. Take coal industry as an example: the coal itself contains water and mud, the size and shape are very uneven; this is not conducive to the screening. The high quality vibrating screen equipments of coal washing and selecting industry require high performance and high processing level, the process is extremely difficult. In particular, the production of the vibrating screens which with the drying surface greater than three meters in width is more difficult. 

At present, in the field of high-end vibrating screen, the representatives of the domestic enterprises are Anshan Heavy Mining Machinery Co., Ltd, its typical products are high-end vibrating screens for coal, steel and mining use; and Xinxiang Weimeng Metallurgical Equipment Co., Ltd, and its representative products are the vibrating screens for metallurgy use. 

With the brand advantages and strong financial power, the foreign vibrating screen manufacturers occupy the leadership position in Chinas mining use metallurgy vibrating screen field. Such as German Schenck ranked in the first place in Chinas mining use high-end vibrating industry; the products of Aury Company occupy an important position in Chinas high-end coal vibrating screen field.
Table of Content

1. Overview of Chinas Screening Machine Used for Metallurgy and Mining
1.1 Definition
1.2 Development History
1.2.1 Development of International Screening Equipment
1.2.2 Development of Domestic Screening Equipment

2. Overview of Foreign Screening Machine Used for Metallurgy and Mining Market

3. Circumstance of Chinas Screening Machine Used for Metallurgy and Mining

3.1 Development of Chinas Economic
3.1.1 Analysis of GDP
3.1.2 Analysis of Fixed Assets Investment
3.1.3 Analysis of Income of Urban and Rural Residents
3.1.4 Forecast of Macro Economic Development in China
3.2 Relevant Industrial Policies, Standards and Laws and Regulations
3.2.1 Relevant Industrial Policies
3.2.2 Relevant Industrial Standards

4. Status Quo of Chinas Screening Machine Used for Metallurgy and Minin
4.1 Industrial Characteristics
4.1.1 The Enterprise Number is Large, But the Scale is Small
4.1.2 Operating Model
4.1.3 Industrial Seasonal Characteristic
4.2 Industrial Status Quo
4.2.1 Industrial Overview
4.2.2 Industrial Operation
4.3 Industrial Relevance Analysis
4.3.1 Relevance to the Upstream Industries
4.3.2 Relevance to the Downstream Industries
4.4 Competitive Structure
4.4.1 Horizontal Competition
4.4.2 Bargaining Power of Suppliers
4.4.3 Bargaining Power of Purchasers
4.4.4 Potential Entrants
4.4.5 Substitutes Analysis

5. Analysis and Forecast of Market Supply and Demand in Chinas Screening Machine Used for Metallurgy and Mining Industry
5.1 Supply Situation and Forecast
5.1.1 Output from 2009 to 2011
5.1.2 Distribution of Production Areas
5.2 Analysis of Supply Situation
5.3 Demand Situation and Forecast
5.3.1 Demand Volume
5.3.2 Distribution of Main Demand Areas
5.3.3 Demand Characteristics of Consumers
5.3.4 Demand of Downstream Industries
5.4 Analysis of Demand Factors
5.5 Analysis and Forecast of Supply and Demand Situation
5.6 Analysis and Forecast of Price
5.6.1 Price Review
5.6.2 Factors Affecting the Prices
5.6.3 Forecast of Price Trend from 2012 to 2016

6. SWOT of Chinas Screening Machine Used for Metallurgy and Mining
6.1 Strength
6.2 Weakness
6.3 Opportunity
6.4 Threat

7. Import and Export of Chinas Screening Machine Used for Metallurgy and Mining
7.1 Import Situation from 2009 to the First Half of 2012
7.2 Export Situation from 2009 to the First Half of 2012
7.3 Imported Countries in the First Half of 2012

8. Technical Development of Chinas Screening Machine Used for Metallurgy and Mining
8.1 Development Status Quo
8.2 Technical Maturity Grade
8.3 Technical Gap between China and Foreign Countries and the Reasons
8.4 Strategies to Improve the Industrial Technology

9. Key Enterprises of Chinas Screening Machine Used for Metallurgy and Mining Industry
9.1 Taihang Vibration Machinery Factory Co., Ltd.
9.1.1 Company Profile
9.1.2 Main Products
9.1.3 Operation Performance
9.1.4 Enterprise Advantages
9.1.5 Development Strategies
9.2 Xinxiang City Ruifeng Machinery Co., Ltd.
9.2.1 Company Profile
9.2.2 Main Products
9.2.3 Operation Performance
9.2.4 Enterprise Advantages
9.2.5 Development Strategies
9.3 Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd.
9.3.1 Company Profile
9.3.2 Main Products
9.3.3 Operation Performance
9.3.4 Enterprise Advantages
9.4 Henan Shida Vibration Machinery Co., Ltd.
9.4.1 Company Profile
9.4.2 Main Products
9.4.3 Operation Performance
9.4.4 Enterprise Advantages
9.5 Nanchang Mineral Systems Co., Ltd.
9.5.1 Company Profile
9.5.2 Main Products
9.5.3 Operation Performance
9.5.4 Enterprise Advantages
9.6 Metso Machinery
9.6.1 Company Profile
9.6.2 Main Products
9.6.3 Development in China

10. Anshan Heavy Duty Mining Machinery Co., Ltd (Benchmark Enterprise of Domestic Screening Machine Used for Metallurgy and Mining Industry)
10.1 Company Profile
10.2 Main Business and Income
10.3 Sales Situation of Main Products
10.4 Sales Price of Main Products
10.5 Sales Situation to the Top 5 Consumers in Recent Three Years

11. Development Forecast of China Screening Machine Used for Metallurgy and Mining
11.1 Development Trend
11.1.1 Industrial Development
11.1.2 Technical Development Direction
11.1.3 Twelfth Five-Year Total Planning and Forecast
11.2 Industrial Operation Situation from 2012 to 2016
11.2.1 Total Industrial Output Value from 2012 to 2016
11.2.2 Sales Revenue Forecast from 2012 to 2016
11.2.3 Total Assets Forecast from 2012 to 2016

12. Investment Suggestions
12.1 Investment Environment
12.2 Investment Risk
12.3 Investment Suggestion