Turkey Beer Market Insights 2012




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Product Synopsis

A detailed market research report on the Turkey beer industry. Researched and published by Canadean.

Introduction and Landscape

Why was the report written?

This report comprises high level market research data on the Turkey beer industry, published by Canadean. The report covers total market (on- and off-premise) and includes valuable insight and analysis on beer market trends, brands, brewers, packaging, distribution channels, market valuation and pricing. 

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?

The beer industry is in the hands of two brewers, which account for 99% of volume sales, with only a few local players in Istanbul and the tourist areas. 

What are the key drivers behind recent market changes?
In 2011 the volume of imported brands more than doubled. More premium beers were imported and even though they were expensive they became more available. In addition a number of small importers began to import affordable beers in metal cans which they sold to retail chains. These discount beers were welcomed as they were usually sold at lower prices than the local mainstream brands.

What makes this report unique and essential to read?
The Turkey Beer Market Insight report is designed for clients needing a quality in-depth understanding of the dynamics and structure of the Beer market. The report provides a much more granular and detailed data set than our competitors. All data has been researched, brand upwards, by an experienced 'on-the-ground' industry analyst who conducts face-to-face interviews with key producers, leading companies in allied industries, distributors and retailers.

Key Features and Benefits
  • This report provides readers with an excellent way of gaining a thorough understanding of the dynamics and structure of the Turkey Beer industry. Data includes volumes from 2007 to 2011 plus forecasts for 2012, enabling historical and current trend analysis.
  • This report provides readers with in-depth market segmentation: mainstream, premium, super premium, discount, alcoholic strength, local segmentation, beer type.
  • This report provides data and analysis of the performance of both domestic and imported brands and reports on new product activity in 2011.
  • This report provides an analysis of industry structure, reports on company volumes and contains brewer profiles for ten major brewers.
  • This report provides distribution channel data (on- vs off-premise) and discusses the latest trends in the key sub-channels. Packaging data includes consumption volumes by pack material, type, size, refillable vs non-refillable, multi-serve vs single serve. Market valuation data and pricing data, including beer consumption by price segment/distribution channel and selected consumer beer prices are also included.

Key Market Issues
  • The pro-Islamic AKP government has been in power for over ten years. Alcohol consumption has been shaped by conservative social values in this political environment. More people consider the consumption of alcohol to be a bad habit, so people tend to consume alcohol at home rather than in the bars.
  • The holy month fell in August and beer sales are always inhibited whenever Ramadan falls in the hot summer months as the majority of Turkish people do not drink alcohol for the duration of the entire month. Those who do not fast, avoid the consumption of alcohol in public places as a sign of respect to others.
  • Turkey has a very young urban population. This sector is growing at a rate of 1.4% per annum and will drive the market forward. Over the past few years young people have changed their drinking habits from expensive spirits, such as raki, to more affordable beer and vodka.
  • Long hot summers and the expected growth in tourism should provide growth in beer sales in Turkey.
  • On the negative side, the political situation in the Middle East and North Africa plays an important role in the Turkish economy. Rising tensions in the region have become a considerable threat to political and economic stability. A potential war in the Middle East will completely change all the forecasts.

Key Highlights
  • Turkey is one of the most highly taxed beer markets in Europe. The price rises for beer in 2011 were blamed on the increase in the excise duty on alcoholic beverages.
  • Legislation in 2009 banned Private Label brands, however, in 2011 some supermarket chains, especially the discounters, started to import or sell imported low priced beers in metal cans. The printing on the packaging of these beers does not indicate that they are Private Label.
  • New introductions in 2011 included no alcohol beer, large size packaging for certain brands, beer mixes and new imported beers.
  • Modern stores are the most important retail channel for beer as they sell a wide variety of beer brands in multi-packs, while the traditional retailers typically sell single packs from coolers. Some large chains do not stock alcoholic beverages and the number of retailers with such a policy is increasing.
  • Another important retail channel for beer is 'tekel' shops: small kiosks that are open until late at night and are licensed to sell tobacco and alcohol products. Unlike in many Western markets, in Turkey beer can be legally sold in petrol stations at all hours of the day.