Global Nanosilver Market Analysis and Forecast 2011-201



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Nanosilver, an emerging technology based market has lot to offer to different markets across industries. Along with all the basic characteristics of the conventional silver, nanosilver is far ahead in offering the additional benefits in various applications such as Nanosilver inks with high conductivity, antibacterial with highly potent antibacterial agents, display as a transparent conductive coating and best alternative to ITO. Investments in Nanosilver technology are luring the inclination worldwide. 

Right from its use in scientific application, to medical application, nanosilver is expected to witness an overwhelming market growth in five years down the line. Though the nanosilver offers a broad range of application attracting demand from different industries, however, currently the cost of nanosilver is quiet high as compared to that of the conventional one. It is expected that in coming future the nanosilver might become more affordable and hence would experience further surge in its demand globally.