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The artisan food market throughout Ireland has the potential to help both NI and RoI recover from the recession. However, increased pressure is being placed on the industry due to an increasingly price-driven consumer who has not got used to heavy discounting within the food retailing sector, along with increased costs for raw materials.

Although consumers are increasingly price-driven, they have also become more concerned with ethical issues such as food miles, traceability, provenance and organic farming, leading to a rise in demand for food and drink produce that meets these criteria.

Key themes in the report include:

  • Economic downturn How detrimental has the current economic downturn been on the artisan food market? Have consumers become more price-conscious, are they trading down in terms of frequency of buying premium products and have they switched from branded to own-label goods?
  • Consumer values when grocery shopping Are consumers more concerned with provenance and quality over cost when grocery shopping? And to what extent is this affecting the sale of artisan food products?
  • Consumers perceptions of artisan products What qualities do consumers associate with artisan foods and where are they most likely to purchase them?
  • Key companies within the specialist food retailing in Ireland Who are the key specialist food retailers in Ireland and what type of products do they offer?
  • Future of artisan foods in Ireland How can artisan foods in Ireland sustain market share with a view to increasing sales in light of the current culture of discounting within food retailing?