Worldwide E-reader Market 2012 Recap and 2013 Forecast



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Under the influence of negative factors such as the popularity of tablets and the inventory buildups in North American channels, worldwide e-reader shipments are expected to see a year-on-year decline in 2012. However, with major players aggressively expanding the European, Latin American, and Asian markets, emerging markets are expected to bring sequential growth momentum for the e-reader market. This report examines the future development of e-readers in terms of product prices, regional markets, major players' product strategies, and potential niche markets.
Table of Contents

1. E-reader Shipment Trends

2. Product Price Trends

3. Regional Market Development Trends
3.1 US: Substantial Growth for E-book Sales Amount and Volume
3.2 China: Mobile Phone and Tablet PC as Main Reading Gadgets
3.3 Japan: Joint Efforts of the Government and Industry Sectors
3.4 Other Regional Markets

4. Development of Leading Players
4.1 Amazon
4.1.1 New Markets
4.1.2 New Products/Services
4.2 Barnes & Noble
4.2.1 New Partnerships
4.2.2 New Markets
4.2.3 New Products
4.3 Kobo
4.3.1 New Partnerships
4.3.2 New Products/Services
4.3.3 New Markets

5. E-paper Development
5.1 Technological Bottlenecks
5.2 Vendors' Withdrawal

6. Potential Niche Markets
6.1 Comparison of Tablets and E-readers for Educational Use
6.2 E-Reader Tablets Outnumber E-readers in Educational Market
MIC Perspectives

Figure 1 Worldwide E-reader Shipment Volume, 2011 - 2016
Figure 2 Price Fluctuations of Branded E-readers, 2009 - 2012
Figure 3 Types of Books and Average Number of Books Read by US Readers
Figure 4 US Adult Readers' Digital Device Ownership
Figure 5 Chinese Readers' Reading Preferences
Figure 6 Use of Digital Reading Devices in China, 2009 - 2011
Figure 7 Amazon Kindle Paperwhite and New Display
Figure 8 Barnes & Noble's Nook E-Reader with External Illumination
Figure9 Kobo Glo & Kobo Mini
Figure 10 Kobo Touch Launched by Japanese Vendor
Figure 11 Comparison of Tablets and E-readers in Educational Use