Home furnishings, equipment and DIY retail in Poland 2012




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Keep up with consumer preferences and retailer strategies by reading the latest edition of PMRs popular report Home furnishings, equipment and DIY retail in Poland 2012, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2012-2014.

This publication describes the markets for furniture, home textiles, kitchen- and tableware, wooden floors and floor panels, sanitary articles, lighting, carpets and flooring, and assigns values for each of the major segments and most important distribution channels such as specialty stores, DIY retailers, hypermarkets and Internet commerce. It evaluates the influence of significant trends and events on market growth and development, and assesses the general economic climate in Poland and its effects on the home furnishings and DIY industries. 

The report supplies detailed forecasts revealing the extent of expected market growth to 2014. This information is enhanced by the results of a survey of consumer buying habits and preferences that enables readers to track recent market growth and gain an understanding of the directions that home furnishings and DIY retail sales will take in the months ahead. 

Readers will also benefit from detailed profiles of top retailers operating within this market, including new arrivals such as: Vox, Witek, Merkury Market, Bielbaw Home, and Majster PSB. They will learn which retailers are currently capturing the greatest part of the imagination, and the sales, of the Polish public, and the nature of the competition and the strategies companies are using to emerge successful.

This report will serve as a valuable addition to the business information library of retail management and marketing professionals engaged in home furnishings, equipment, and DIY sales with interests in the Polish market. They will find the information provided especially critical to their strategic development, expansion, and efforts to evaluate competitors and determine market saturation levels for various types of outlets and products.

Research and consultancy firms can rely on the solid data, insightful analysis and accurate forecasts for preparing advice for their clients, and trade organizations and government and educational institutions can be confident in using this publication as a precise and factual basis for their work.