Potential of Indian Dairy Industry - 2017



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This report is an assessment of the Indian Dairy Industry, within the context of the global industry. It thoroughly examines the opportunities and challenges in the industry and the dynamics that propel it, namely opportunities, competition, infrastructure investment and government initiatives. The Indian dairy sector is characterized by high fragmentation. It is dominated by the unorganized sector comprising of 70 million rural households. 

The per capita availability of milk in India stands at 289.4 grams per day. Backed by strong domestic demand, the per capita availability of milk is anticipated to reach 336 grams per day in FY2017. Despite being the one of the largest milk producing countries in the world, India accounts for a negligible share in the worldwide dairy trade. The ever increasing rise in domestic demand for dairy products and a large demand-supply gap could lead India to be a net importer of dairy products in the near future.