Latin America Energy Drinks Report 2012




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Product Synopsis

Published by Canadean, the Latin America Energy Drinks Report 2012 provides a detailed analysis of the energy drinks market in Latin America, with data at a regional and individual country level, including forecasts to 2015

Introduction and Landscape

Why was the report written?
The Latin America Energy Drinks Report 2012 is an essential guide for anyone with an interest in the energy drinks market and forms part of Canadean's best selling series of global soft drinks reports.

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?
Latin America holds one of the smallest litre per capita levels in the world.

What are the key drivers behind recent market changes?
New brands and flavors are expected for the future, so this category is expected to continue growing.

What makes this report unique and essential to read?
The report comprises of data tables and supporting text, providing information at a regional and country level. The report is compiled from Canadean's extensive global soft drinks databases which are researched individually by country using our specialist researchers 'on the ground'. Comprising of 17individual country profiles, plus a regional summary, the report provides an invaluable guide to the latest trends and forecasts in the energy drinks category.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Dataincludesconsumption volumes (million litres and litres per capita)from 2006 to 2011, plus forecasts to 2015 by country.
  • Percentage market shares are provided for segmentation data, packaging dataand distribution (2010 and 2011 actuals, plus 2012 forecasts).
  • Leading companies' market shares for 2010 and 2011 are provided.
  • A market valuation is provided for eachcountry and, where applicable, new products in 2011 are identified by country.
  • Supporting text includes commentary on current and emerging trends, segmentation, packaging, distribution, pricing/valuation and where applicable, functional products and private label
Key Market Issues

  • A high proportion of the category is imported in the Argentinean market, so part of the price rise seen in 2011 can be attributed to the devaluation of the Argentinean peso against the dollar.
  • There are no functional products present in this category, and this is not expected to change in the short-run. However in the mid to long run its feasible that a large company with such offerings will arrive into the market.
  • Traditional energy drinks were consumed at pubs or nightclubs, but lately the category has benefited from the Chilean working culture, which has encouraged consumption in offices during the day.
  • In Mexico, energy drinks are prohibited from being used as an alcoholic mixer. Nevertheless, the beverages are sold as separate items in bars, resulting in it being the consumers decision whether to combine them as a mixed drink or not.
  • Pricing in the energy drinks category is still one of the highest price's per litre in the soft drinks industry.
Key Highlights

  • The constant price reduction of this category, along with the fact that it promises an energy boost, makes these beverages very popular among young urban men, the main market for these beverages in El Salvador. 
  • A good part of the Brazilian market is produced by players with complete beverage portfolios, including nectars and still drinks, it is expected that this will encourage new flavored versions to also reach the market in the near future.
  • The presidential election and improvement in the economic situation in 2012 should help to soften category decline in Venezuela; only a moderate 2% reduction in consumption foreseen.
  • In general, low price increments, close to the rate of inflation have favored consumption. This was further supported by the healthy economy and higher purchasing power.
  • New formats are expected to be released in Argentina, such as the energy shot, already popular in many LatAm countries. These formats reduce the serving size, but provide the same energy as regular sized energy drinks.