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MediPoint: Predictive Breast Cancer Gene Testing Current and Future Players




Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women in both the developed and developing world. The incidence of breast cancer is increasing due to the increased life span and increasing adoption of Western lifestyle risk factors. Improved surveillance in developing countries has allowed the identification of more women with breast cancer in these regions. Early diagnosis of breast cancer is essential for a good prognosis, making diagnosis a cornerstone of breast cancer control. Predictive gene testing can identify women who are at heightened risk of developing breast cancer due to hereditary gene factors. This report focuses on the predictive breast cancer gene testing markets in the US and Europe, and future markets in China, India and Brazil, identifying and competitively assessing current marketed and pipeline products and emerging technologies.


This report identifies the unmet needs in the market, provides an understanding of physician perception of predictive breast cancer gene testing, and future trends. Through GlobalData’s analysis, it is evident that the predictive breast cancer gene testing market is dominated by a single player, but this may change in the near future thanks to expiry of key patents and the emergence of new DNA sequencing technologies. To successfully market new gene tests, companies need to offer gene tests that address the current unmet needs of current predictive breast cancer gene tests and show better efficacy and cost effectiveness to the gene tests currently in the market. This report will identify the opportunities for this technology.





  • Investigation of current and future market competition for predictive breast cancer gene testing. 
  • Competitor assessment. 
  • Coverage of key market players and company profiles including business description, financial overview and SWOT analysis. 
  • Strategic assessment of the device sector through market impact analysis, future market scenario and company analysis. 
  • Direct quotes from Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) as well as oncologists, geneticists and genetic counselors already using these gene tests.


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  • Gain a high level view of the trends shaping and driving the predictive breast cancer gene testing market. 
  • Assess competitiveness of products in market by understanding the strengths and weaknesses of current competition. 
  • Drive revenues, formulate effective sales and marketing strategies and gain in-depth understanding of the competitive landscape 
  • Take a comprehensive look at the market’s device pipeline and identify promising, paradigm-shifting products. 
  • Create an effective counter-strategy to gain a competitive advantage against those currently in the market