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Purpose of the research was to analyze industry of surface active substances in Russia The research report is unique as it has interviews with general director of ZAO Sintanolov and with deputy general director of OOO NPO NIIPAV responsible for commerce.

Please pay attention! The interview underscore position of experts with respect to the industry’s trends and future development!. The goals of the report included:

  • International market of surface active substances
  • Production volumes and dynamics of surface active substances in Russia
  • Sourcing of raw materials
  • Consumer segments of the market
  • Export of surface active substances

There are some risks related with the market of surface active substances:

Industry risks.

As it has already been mentioned earlier costs of raw materials account for over 65% of production costs. Therefore, there is a risk related with changes in demand and supply of raw materials. We believe the industry risks are fairly high.

The listed factors negatively influence almost all consumers of chemical industry. Many companies are very careful in running modernization and investments.

Benefits of buying the report

  • The report provides information, which gives very good understanding of trends and dynamics of market of surface active substances in Russia.
  • The report includes unique point of view of market experts. This information can be found only in this product.
  • The report forms a view with respect to development of the market. This view and forecast can be used in running scenario analysis to build financial models, investment analysis and strategy formulation.
  • This report saves lots of time. According to our estimates the report saves more than a month in analyst time of search and analysis of industry information and data. This time can be used more efficiently.
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  • The report can be used to prepare a company’s strategy, in investment analysis and in preparation of consulting materials.

Executive summary

Chapter 1. international market of surface active substances
1.1 International market of surface active substances 

Chapter 2. Main parameters of international economics and Russian economics
2.1 Forecast of international economics 
2.1 Main economical parameters of Russian economy 
2.3 Forecast of Russian economics for 2012-2013 
2.4 SWOT analysis of politics in Russia 
2.5 SWOT analysis of economics in Russia
2.6 SWOT analysis of business environment in Russia 
2.7 Russia in international rankings 

Chapter 3. Chemical industry in Russia. Main trends and forecats 2011-2013
3.1 Main indicators, status and forecast of chemical industry in Russia 2011-2013 

Chapter 4. Russian market of surface active substances in 2007-2015
4.1 Surface active substances. Main definitions. Types of source material and consumption segments 
4.2 Russian market of surface active substances in 2007-2012, Production forecast of surface active substances in 2012-2015 

Chapter 5. Import - export of chemical in Russia
5.1 Import and export of surface active substances. Analysis of structure and trends 109 

Chapter 6.Interview with market expert