IC Channel Tracking Baby Products in Spain



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  1. Introduction: This study provides an overview of the distribution channels in this industry, respectively region. You get an overview of the market structure and various segments and distribution channels.
  2. Methodology: First Interconnection identifies systematically key resellers per country and then starts the survey regarding sell-out data, margins, segments and brand satisfaction. We send questionnaires via email and conduct telephone interviews. Methodically we differentiate between various channels such as producers (direct sales, DIY), distributors or specialist retailers. Companies who do not provide us with data are determined by expert interviews, reliable data bases, bank information, supplier information and other well founded sources. Cooperating companies receive a free summary of the study, which guarantees a high response rate.
  3. Market overview: The overall market analysis gives you core data on the structure of the sales, market shares of individual brands and distribution channels.
  4. Competitive analysis presents information on the current situation and the development of the market.