Disposable Baby Products - US - April 2013




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While disposable baby products enjoy high household penetration and purchase incidence among those households with babies and toddlers, the market has experienced stagnant sales in the past five years. Private label offerings are grabbing market share and sales; challenging economic circumstances and falling birth rates are decreasing product demand; and parents are gravitating to online retailers in search of deep discounts. 

Market players will need to explore ways to better differentiate their products from private label and consider new tactics for expanding the category while traditional retailers will need to determine ways to convince parents to return to shopping in stores.

Some questions answered in this report include:

  • Branded products, specifically diapers and training pants, are struggling to compete with private label. How can brands better differentiate products in order to recapture sales and market share?
  • Difficult economic circumstances and falling birth rates have had a negative impact on this category. How can market players grow the market beyond waiting for economic recovery?
  • Online retailers are becoming a greater force in the market. What can traditional retailers do to convince parents to come back to stores?