Feminine Hygiene and Sanitary Protection Products - US - May 2013




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The feminine hygiene and sanitary protection products market is up against several challenges, including private label brands and other new product innovations. Brands that continue to innovate and offer line extensions, as well as build a relationship with users, will be most successful.

Some questions answered in this report include:

  • How can name brands effectively compete with store brands in this market?
  • Do new innovations such as menstrual cups steal share from traditional pads and tampons?
  • Are women using sanitary protection products for light bladder leakage, instead of products designed for this specific use?

Scope and Themes

What you need to know
Data sources
Sales data
Consumer survey data
Advertising creative
Abbreviations and terms

Executive Summary
Issues in the Market
Insights and Opportunities
Trend Applications
Market Size and Forecast
Market Drivers
Product Usage
Competitive Context
Segment Performance
Segment Performance—Sanitary Napkins/Liners
Segment Performance—Tampons
Segment Performance—Adult Incontinence Products
Segment Performance—Feminine Needs Products
Retail Channels
Leading Companies
Brand Share—Sanitary Napkins and Pads
Brand Share—Tampons
Brand Share—Incontinence Products
Brand Share—Feminine Needs Products
Innovations and Innovators
Marketing Strategies
Social Media
Brand Preference and Stockpiling
Shopping Habits and Brand Switching
Product and Attribute Interest
Tampon User Profiles
Pad User Profiles
Spotlight on Light Bladder Leakage
Spotlight on Teens
Race and Hispanic Origin
Information Resources Inc. Builders—Key Household Purchase Measures

Appendix—Other Useful Consumer Tables

Appendix—Social Media

Appendix—Brand Usage or Awareness

Appendix—Activities Done

Appendix—Information Resources Inc. Builders Panel Data Definitions

Appendix—Trade Associations