Russia: Low Alcoholic Beverages Market. Analysis and Forecast to 2017



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The report on the Russian low alcoholic beverages market contains:

  • Analysis and forecast of market dynamics;
  • Structure of consumption by region;
  • Analysis of domestic production, market shares of the main market players;
  • Analysis of exports and imports;
  • Analysis of the state of the consuming industries;
  • Analysis of factors, influencing the development of the market;
  • Assessment and forecast of market development;
  • Financial and economic profiles of the leading companies in the industry.


  • Expert interviews with top managers of the largest players on the market;
  • Analysis of information, received from the main market participants;
  • An analysis of statistical information:
  • Federal Service of State Statistics (Rosstat);
  • The Federal Customs Service (FTS);
  • The Ministry of Economic Development;
  • The Federal Tax Service;
  • Industry associations.

The report will allow you to:

1. Identify key indicators of the market, build your own business forecasts, based on market data;
2. Evaluate the growth potential and threats in the market.

Key figures presented in the report on the Russian low alcoholic beverages market:

  • Volumes of production, exports and imports;
  • Indicators of market development;
  • Consumption indicators.

The report contains the consensus market forecast based on the average value of the forecasts of market participants. As market experts are considered: manufacturers, importers, wholesale distributors, high-volume consumers, professional associations and unions, and trade publications. The experts, participating in the survey, are provided with special conditions on the purchase of the reports.