Amazon, QVC Inc., Sears Holding Corp, Valve Corp. - Company Analysis, SWOT, Marketing Strategy



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The online retail industry is one of the most progressive sectors of the United States. Online shopping has opened up huge new choices for consumers, not just in terms of what they buy, but how they buy it. The Internet has empowered the consumer in three ways: during the decision-making process leading to the purchase; at the actual moment of purchase; and throughout the product ownership period, including product delivery, maintenance, and return.

The biggest player in the United States online retail market is and it is expected to remain a clear leader in the years to come. The other companies are however competing to grab the chunk of the pie but are way behind Another online retailer QVC Inc strategy in the online retail landscape is to create a highly immersive digital shopping experience, with strong integration across TV, PC, Tablet and Mobile platforms. Similarly, Sears Holding Corp. Personalization strategy is having a major impact on Sears Holdings Corp’s sales, both online and in stores. The company is expanding personalization to build relationships with customers. Valve Corp. is an online gaming company. Valve develops game for PC only but with the growth of smartphone and tablets they have an opportunity to expand their business by developing games for mobile platforms as well.

Renub Research study titled “Amazon, QVC Inc., Sears Holding Corp, Valve Corp. -Company Analysis, SWOT, Marketing Strategy”provides a comprehensive assessment of the company’s sales, marketing strategy and SWOT analysis. This 59 page report with 8 Figures studies the United States Online Retail Company namely, QVC Inc, Sears Holding Corp and Valve Corp.All the companies have been analyzed based on the following criteria:

  1. Online Sales& Forecast
  2. Marketing Strategy
  3. SWOT Analysis