Oilfield Services Companies in Russia 2013




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In 2010-2012 the Russian oilfield services market went through a phase of significant changes and is now developing dynamically. The trend originated from the oil and gas market being at a turning point as easy-to-access hydrocarbon reserves were exhausted and the need arose to develop hard-to-access reserves, which requires the application of innovative technologies and advanced equipment. As the market structure began to change the companies failing to meet the new challenges gradually left the market, making way for those more capable of innovative development. The trends of an ever changing competitive environment, so evident in the past few years, continue to dominate the market as the latter further consolidates in the wake of numerous acquisitions and asset sales, mergers and alliances in all its segments.

RPI has published studies on the Oilfield Services Companies in Russia since 2005. The company experts have been closely following all the changes that have taken place in the oilfield services market and have employed the knowledge base and expertise accumulated to compile and prepare the study materials. 
The current version of the study as compared to the pervious one offers relevant information on production facilities, key customers, regions where the Russian oilfield services companies are active as well as operating and financial data pertaining to the companies’ operations. 

The main sections of the study cover the following: 

  • Analysis of the drilling market, workover and fracturing operations, seismic exploration and field geophysical surveys; 
  • Analysis of independent oilfield services companies; 
  • Review of companies forming part of oilfield services holding companies and VIOCs 
  • Review of international service companies active in the Russian market. 

Each company profile covers the following: 

  • general information about the company 
  • structure (key production divisions) 
  • regions of presence 
  • list of services it offers 
  • key production fleet 
  • key customers 
  • production facilities (as of the end of 2012) 
  • financial data (as of the end of 2012) 

The study Oilfield Services Companies in Russia is a unique tool that provides all information available in the market about the majority of the oilfield services market players. 

The materials contained in this study may help companies operating in the market build a development strategy that would best suit the competitive environment, assess their positions against other market players and obtain objective data to draw comparisons of performance results. 

Apart from oilfield services companies this study might also be of interest to oil companies as it gives them a better idea of companies that are capable of providing the required oilfield services. 

Investors in the market may use the information given in this study in order to analyze the viability of investment projects and to minimize the risks of future investment.