Netherlands Quarterly Beverage Tracker Report Q3 2013




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Product Synopsis

Published by Canadean, this Quarterly Beverage Tracker report provides a detailed analysis of the latest developments in the Netherlands beverage market

Introduction and Landscape

Why was the report written?

In the current climate of economic uncertainty and market volatility companies need to know about more than just data. This report provides a complete overview of all commercial beverage consumption trends, latest market developments and an economic mood indicator

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?

Q3-13 saw a drop of almost 1% in overall consumption for commercial beverages. 21 million litres less consumption is a sizeable amount, particularly considering that it was a warm and pleasant summer, which in normal circumstances would have caused a rise in consumption

What are the key drivers behind recent market changes?

The economic indicators are still very negative with unemployment at its highest and businesses going bankrupt. Retailers and manufacturers alike are also feeling the squeeze as they try to tempt consumers to buy more.

What makes this report unique and essential to read?

Designed for clients who want to understand the latest trends in the Netherlands beverage industry and want more detail and analysis on this data. Canadean's Netherlands Quarterly Beverage Tracker report is ideal for benchmarking total market vs retail audit data and is an essential tool for keeping up-to-date with the latest industry and market developments

Key Features and Benefits

  • Readers are provided with a summary snap shot table showing category growth in Q32013 vs Q32012, together with 2012 actual volumes, 2013 forecast volumes and projected growth
  • An economic mood indicator, completed by Canadean's local consultant, examines (on a scale of one to five) whether confidence levels in the industry are better or worse than the previous quarter, whether net prices are rising or falling and how Private Label products have performed versus the rest of the market. Selected retail pricing data is given for the most recent quarter and the previous four quarters, enabling analysis of price movements. 
  • Key highlights of the last quarter's commercial beverage performance are identified and the key market drivers examined
  • Volumes for Q32013 vs Q32012, full year 2012, moving annual totals (MAT) and 2013 forecasts are provided for each individual beverage category, together with supporting text on quarterly performance and forecast assumptions. More granular data is provided for the Carbonates category, with data split by regular vs low calorie, and by key flavours. Significant activity in the soft drinks industry is covered including recent new product introductions (detailing flavour, pack type, pack size, retail price and selected pack shots) and the latest industry news.
  • Focus on Functional Soft Drinks and Healthy Innovation

Key Market Issues

  • The average Dutch citizen has either got one or several family members and/or friends who have lost their job and has now been searching new employment without success for many months
  • Extra taxes and excise duties, decreasing interest rates, and banks generally restricting or simply refusing business and personal loans, make breathing new life into the market through investment and innovation difficult
  • According to the DNB (De Nederlansche Bank), the average purchasing power of Dutch households has remained the same over 15 years. Despite the fact that the Gross National Product and Business Buying Power grew during the same period, the household purse has lost out in comparison
  • According to a report by the ING the total turnover of specialty stores has shrunk by 14% in the last five years. The specialty stores that are faring better are ethnic stores, organic stores and specialty stores that have a strong online offering
  • The beer category evolved in an atmosphere of unrest throughout the quarter. Brewers, bars, pubs, supermarkets and consumers alike joined forces to protest against the rise in alcohol excise duty which was instated at the beginning of 2013 and with a further raise planned for 2014

Key Highlights

  • After far below average temperatures in the first half of the year, the third quarter finally delivered on warm summer weather - in fact at times, a little too warm
  • Consumers have been seen to be building on their shopping skills and are becoming increasingly wise in their choices
  • Marks and Spencer's has launched MandS Simply Food in a small size supermarket on a BP petrol station forecourt in the region of Utrecht
  • Coconut water has seen an impressive uptake during 2013 so far. Consumption for 2013 is likely to triple or quadruple compared to last year
  • A notable increased presence of Stevia in a selection of carbonated products has been seen