FinTrack: May 2018 - Tracking innovation in financial services




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FinTrack: May 2018 - Tracking innovation in financial services


Every month, FinTrack will showcase the latest innovations from financial providers around the world. Each innovation is assessed and rated on key criteria, providing you with valuable insight.

The provision of financial services is constantly evolving, with new technology having a particularly significant impact. Innovations such as digital delivery, AI, biometrics, and robo-advice are enabling providers around the world to offer new and improved services to customers that will improve the way they manage their finances. The growing availability of these technologies is also making it easier than ever for new entrants to develop their own propositions and challenge the established providers.


- Australian banks come together to launch Beem It P2P service
- Teambrella introduces community voting on claims payouts
- Digipigi from Credit Suisse makes money management a rewarding experience for children
- Fidelity introduces Cora, a virtual reality financial agent.

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