UK Private Landlord Insurance 2018




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UK Private Landlord Insurance 2018


"UK Private Landlord Insurance 2018", report explores the buy-to-let and residential landlord sectors, and the factors affecting those with investments in these markets. The report discusses how insurers will fare following the introduction of new regulations and the tightening of rules, which is set to impact landlords, and in turn, their need for insurance cover. New regulation is highlighted, as well as key issues which insurers will need to consider and address over the next few years.

The profile of landlords has shifted in the last couple of years, following a raft of more stringent regulation. The housing crisis has led to pressure on the government to slow the rapid rise of buy-to-let (BTL) mortgages, particularly in 2016, and look to balance out the market by giving more relief to first-time buyers, at the expense of portfolio landlords. The recent changes focus on increasing the tax paid when purchasing multiple properties (stamp duty, for example), reducing tax relief, and introducing more stringent affordability checks, meaning landlords are being squeezed from all sides.


- A recent influx of regulation has transformed the overall landlord market, making it harder for potential landlords to get credit and increasing taxes if they do.
- This has started to push single-property owners away from the market, with professional landlords taking over.
- GlobalData estimates the size of the insurance market is 807.3m, reflecting steady growth since 2016 (759.0m).
- Underinsurance remains the greatest opportunity for insurers, with over 30% of landlords not having specialist cover.

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