UK Personal Injury Litigation 2018




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UK Personal Injury Litigation 2018


"UK Personal Injury Litigation 2018", report is an in-depth study into the claims landscape of the personal injury market, which covers motor, employers liability, public liability, and clinical negligence. It explores the change in claims numbers over time and in relation to reforms such as LASPO. It also discusses upcoming regulatory change such as the Civil Liability Bill and the Ogden discount rate, and the future impact these will have in the personal injury space. The role of claims management companies and solicitors is explored, and the report has chapters focused on motor, employers liability, and public liability as specific areas of personal injury.

The personal injury market is set to undergo further reform, with both the government and regulators keen to crack down on the growing compensation culture that has become particularly evident in the motor claims market. Attempts to reform the claims landscape through the LASPO Act - which came into force in 2013 - had a limited impact. The government has responded by proposing further reforms through the Civil Liability Bill, which focuses heavily on claims relating to whiplash injuries caused by road traffic accidents.


- The total number of personal injury claims recorded in 2017-18 fell by 16.9% to 813,615 - the lowest number of recorded claims in the last eight years.
- Motor injury claims are still the most common form of personal injury claim, accounting for 79.8% of total personal injury claims in 2017-18. While this is unlikely to change drastically, the incoming Civil Liability Bill is targeted towards reducing the number of motor-related personal injury claims.
- Holiday sickness-related claims were previously considered to be a potential new whiplash by insurers, with fears claims management companies would look to exploit legal loopholes relating to fee caps. However, regulators responded quickly to prevent a sudden surge in these claims.

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