Slovenia Quarterly Beverage Tracker Report Q4 2013




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Product Synopsis
Published by Canadean, this Quarterly Beverage Tracker report provides a detailed analysis of the latest developments in the Slovenia beverage market

Introduction and Landscape
Why was the report written?
In the current climate of economic uncertainty and market volatility companies need to know about more than just data. This report provides a complete overview of all commercial beverage consumption trends, latest market developments and an economic mood indicator

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?
The economic situation continued to be weak. Whilst the value of construction showed some improvement, other key indicators continued the decline see in previous quarters.

What makes this report unique and essential to read?
Designed for clients who want to understand the latest trends in the Slovenia beverage industry and want more detail and analysis on this data. Canadean's Slovenia Quarterly Beverage Tracker report is ideal for benchmarking total market vs retail audit data and is an essential tool for keeping up-to-date with the latest industry and market developments

Key Features and Benefits
Readers are provided with a summary snap shot table showing category growth in Q42013vs Q42012, together with provisional 2013volumes and latest2014 forecasts

An economic mood indicator, completed by Canadean's local consultant, examines (on a scale of one to five) whether confidence levels in the industry are better or worse than the previous quarter, whether net prices are rising or falling and how Private Label products have performed versus the rest of the market. Selected retail pricing data is given for the most recent quarter and the previous four quarters, enabling analysis of price movements.

Key highlights of the last quarter's commercial beverage performance are identified and the key market drivers examined

Volumes for Q42013 vs Q42012, Provisional2013 volumes, moving annual totals (MAT) and latest 2014 forecasts are provided for each individual beverage category, together with supporting text on quarterly performance and forecast assumptions. More granular data is provided for the Carbonates category, with data split by regular vs low calorie, and by key flavors. Significant activity in the soft drinks industry is covered including recent new product introductions (detailing flavor, pack type, pack size, retail price and selected pack shots) and the latest industry news.

This quarters special focus is on Functional and Flavored Waters

Key Market Issues
The white milk decline was fueled by gradually, but continuously rising prices.

There were 124,015 unemployed people at the end of December 2013, which is 5.0% more than in December 2012. During 2013 as a whole, there were on average 119,827 people unemployed, which represents an increase of almost 9% compared to 2012.

In Q3-13, GDP contracted by 0.6% compared to Q3-12. The contraction was mitigated by external demand as exports continued to increase.

According to the Slovenian government the scope of the grey economy was estimated at between 8 bn and 10 bn. During 2013, the government introduced several measures to fight this shadow economy, which resulted in an increase in the value of VAT collected.

Key Highlights
October started with rather cool temperatures, but after a week the temperatures rose and the autumn was extremely warm and sunny, unusually so. There was only a short period of frost in the beginning of December with snowfall only in the mountains. The quarter ended not just with a green Christmas, but also with unusually mild weather.

The result of stress tests, an evaluation of the banks' ability to withstand losses in an adverse scenario, showed that in the worst case scenario the eight Slovenian banks which have undergone EU-mandated stress tests are 4.78 bn short of capital. The stress tests and measures to fix the banking system suggest Slovenia does not need to ask the IMF and the European Commission for an international bail-out package as it can solve its financing problems itself.

Q4-13 saw packaged water reverse the decline seen in Q3-13 and the category recorded growth as a result of the carbonated segment.

The category was helped by mild weather which was suitable for outdoor activities, but the greatest contribution to category growth was via the recently launched Fruc.