Sustainability in the UK Foodservice Operators' Industry 20112012: Market Trends and Opportunities, Profitability and Budget Forecasts, Foodservice Operators' Procurement and Marketing Initiatives



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The report is based on primary surveys conducted by ICD Research accessing its B2B panels comprised of senior business decision makers. The opinions and forward looking statements on sustainability management of 160 industry executives are captured in our in-depth survey, of which 46% represent director level executives, owners and departmental heads.

The geographical scope of the research is UK drawing on the activity and expectations of leading industry players across the UK

The report analyzes expenditure of food service operators on sustainability and sustainable procurement practices.

Key topics covered include category-level spending outlooks, investment opportunities and principal challenges associated with the implementation of sustainable practices.

In this report, food service operators identify important sustainability initiatives, energy and water efficiency measures implemented across the industry.

The report provides extensive analysis on effective promotional channels and major drivers of green marketing, along with the effective tools used for marketing green credentials.

The report provides qualitative analysis of key industry opportunities and threats and also contains the full survey results.


Sustainability in the UK Foodservice Operators' Industry 20112012: Market Trends and Opportunities, Profitability and Budget Forecasts, Foodservice Operators' Procurement and Marketing Initiatives is a new report by ICD Research that analyzes how companies in the food service industry perceive sustainability. The report contains in-depth analysis on the principal drivers and challenges with regards to sustainability. 

It also benchmarks successful sustainable initiatives and energy-efficiency measures adopted by various companies. This report also examines the impact of sustainability on profits and cost saving targets set by companies. It also analyzes the procurement strategies and practices being undertaken; category-level spending outlooks; changes in sustainable procurement budgets and investment opportunities available for leading purchase decision makers. The report identifies key drivers and practices of green marketing, and the channels used to effectively market green credentials.

  • What sustainability means to the industry
  • Factors that drive sustainability measures
  • Barriers that confront effective implementation of sustainability.
  • Sustainable and energy efficiency measures and their impact on profitability.
  • Procurement of sustainable materials.
  • Demand for sustainable products and services, including popular sustainability practices.
  • Changes expected in sustainability budgets and cost saving targets.
  • Methods of marketing green credentials and the use of media channels.
  • Sustainability leaders.
Reasons To Buy
  • Drive revenues by understanding future sustainable product investment areas 
  • Formulate effective sales and marketing strategies by identifying food service operators sustainability budgets and areas of investment. 
  • Better promote your business by aligning capabilities and business practices with the changing sustainability needs of customers.
  • Uncover the business outlook, key sustainability challenges and opportunities 
  • Understand the effect of sustainability on other players and competitors in the industry. 
  • Benchmark sustainable initiatives with key industry leaders and identify major trends that affect the industry.
  • Secure stronger customer relationships by understanding the leading business concerns and changing business trends.
  • Identify specific green marketing channels your competitors are using to win business.
Key Highlights
  • Cost savings and operational efficiency plus consumer influence and demand and reducing food wastage are major drivers influencing sustainability efforts in the food service industry.
  • Survey results show that 57% of food service operators in profit sector expect either an increase in profitability or expect no impact on profitability over the next 12 months due to implementation of sustainability. 
  • Procuring local, seasonal and fair-trade certified products are the most popular sustainable procurement practices adopted by food service operators in the UK.