Investigation Report on China Insulin Glargine Market, 2009 - 2018



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With the improvement of people's living standard and changing of lifestyles, as well as deepening of the aging of society, prevalence rate of diabetes keeps rising, making it the third most threatening chronic disease to human health after tumor and cardiovascular disease. Its risk to disable or kill has become a heavy burden on individuals, families, society and governments. 

According to statistics from IDF (International Diabetes Federation), the global prevalence rate of diabetes among adults aged 20 to 79 was 8.3% in 2013. The number of diabetes patients has reached 382 million, of which 80% are from medium- and low-income countries where it is still rising rapidly. 

It is estimated that by 2035 there will be nearly 592 million people worldwide suffering from diabetes. In the evaluation of diabetes incidence and its trend among various countries and regions, China ranked the first with 98.4 million diabetes patients in 2013, followed by India (65.1 million), the U.S.A. (24.4 million), Brazil (11.9 million) and Russia (10.9 million). IDF estimates that the number of diabetes patients in China will reach 143 million by 2035, which will still be the highest worldwide while that in the U.S.A. will merely reach 29.7 million. Rapid growth of diabetes in China and other developing countries has become an extraordinarily serious burden for these countries' social and economic development. 

Insulin glargine is the first long-acting insulin analogue produced through recombinant DNA technology. It was approved for use by FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in April 2000 and EMEA (European Medicines Evaluation Agency) in June 2000. As there is no apparent peak in long-term use of insulin glargine, it has become the most widely used insulin in the United States. 

In China, the third-generation insulin is under promotion. Because of the relatively high price, it is mainly used in first-tier cities at present. The second and third generation insulin will be faced with a market pattern of dislocation competition. 

Based on CRI's research about certain sample hospitals in China, the CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of sales value of insulin glargine in Chinese sample hospital market exceeded 70% from 2005 to 2013. Human insulin is produced through genetic engineering methods, so a relatively high threshold of production technology is formed. Compared with other genetic engineering drugs, insulin is of large demand and comparatively cheap, so manufacturers have to attain an industrial production of large scale, low cost and mature technology before gaining profit. At present, Chinese market is mainly occupied by LANTUS produced by Aventis Behring GmbH and Basalin by Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals. However, changes of global market pattern are expected to happen in the next few years. On the one hand, in the global market, MSD Co., Ltd. is working with Samsung Bioepis to develop LANTUS. The two companies declared on Feb 10, 2014 that the product will soon launch the third phase clinical trial on Type I and Type II diabetes. Presently, LANTUS generic drug produced by Eli Lilly and Company has come to the late-stage clinical trials. On the other hand, in Chinese market, some local businesses are also hastening the development of LANTUS generic drug. 

As Chinese people's living standard improves and lifestyles change, incidence of diabetes continuously goes up, resulting in the year-after-year expanding of diabetes drug market in the country. According to CRI's investigation, total sales value of diabetes drug market in China surpassed CNY 18 billion in 2013. In China, the second-generation recombinant human insulin is still the market mainstream. However, as the third-generation insulin products are more technically advanced comparing with the second-generation by diminishing certain defects and shortening curing time effectively, it is expected to replace the second-generation in the near future. As a product with most growth potential among the three generations of insulin products in China, insulin glargine is expected to get more and more attention. 

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  • Market Share of Major Insulin Glargine Manufacturers in Sample Hospitals in China
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  • Major Insulin Glargine Enterprises in China
  • Market Share of Insulin Glargine by Dosage Form in Hospital Market in China