Construction Sector in Russia 2014 - Regional Focus




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Examine the Russian construction sector from a regional perspective.
Report focuses on each Federal District and provides development forecasts for 2014-2019. 

A comprehensive market report is now available to aid construction professionals with interests in the Russian market. This unique document examines the Russian construction sector on a district-by-district basis, while providing vital business intelligence about market conditions, value and prospects for the future. 

Construction sector in Russia 2014 – regional focus, Development forecasts for 2014-2019 reveals the federal districts that will witness the largest increases in construction activity and details for new projects scheduled to take place over the near term. It predicts the changes that the Russian construction industry will face as a whole and explains how they will affect each individual Federal District.

This innovative document delivers a synopsis of the prevailing macroeconomic situation across Russia and in each district, with analysis of the implications for the construction sector. It provides in depth comparisons between the Federal Districts that examine the value of each regional construction market, along with recent, current and planned projects and funding sources that include government programmes.  

Each of the Russian construction market’s most important segments is explored in this report: residential, non-residential and civil engineering.  It provides value statistics, a list of about 100 upcoming construction projects per district, construction and assembly totals and projections for each of the three key segments and much more. 

Also provided in conjunction with this publication: a database of major upcoming construction ventures compiled in Excel format. This supplement provides essential project details, such as: name, key investor, location, size, value (in RUB bn), along with present status and expected time to completion. Project categories include residential units and non-residential ventures to build and upgrade roads and railways, retail and office complexes, hotels, industrial and warehouse buildings and new ventures geared toward environmental protection.

Businesses will benefit from in depth analysis of established and emerging market trends as the report highlights their specific effects on construction market conditions and predicts the direction of future development in each Russian Federal District. This report offers solid support to construction equipment and materials suppliers who wish to do business in Russia, contracting companies already operating in this market, financial and investment professionals seeking new investments and researchers, consultants and analysts engaged observation of this large, diverse and high-potential construction sector.

Construction sector in Russia 2014 – regional focus, Development forecasts for 2014-2019 is utilized by current PMR clients as they estimate materials demand and calculate market share, prepare strategies and participate in high-level decision making.  Join them today and operate your business from a regional – and well-informed perspective by ordering your copy of this convenient and valuable document today!