The Future of Autonomous Cars: Driverless cars are emerging but much work remains to achieve commercial success




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The Future of Autonomous Cars: Driverless cars are emerging but much work remains to achieve commercial success


Heralded as the future of personalized transport, autonomous cars have caused much excitement among car companies, industry journalists and some segments of the public and government. Unquestionably major advances have been made but the future in which drivers are redundant remains some distance away.

Despite the expected wait, a lot is changing. China is maneuvering to become the leading global player, catching up to rivals in the US. New infrastructure is being discussed and the regulatory environment is undergoing significant reform. Yet doubts remain as to how soon any promises made by car companies will materialize in a commercially viable form.

Key Highlights

- Not only are cultural attitudes in China more conducive to the future of autonomy but the advantages claimed by driverless cars will be more acutely felt in the largest single car market than elsewhere. Progress is being helped by highly supportive government policies towards domestic manufacturers.
- General Motors (GM) has emerged as a surprising leader in the race to create the first fully autonomous car that can be sold to the public. Unlike the lumbering old-fashioned car-maker that some critics remain wedded to, General Motors has taken a Silicon Valley tech start-up approach to the future of automotive manufacturing: making everything in house.
- Autonomous cars are frequently advertised as being much safer than any human driver could be over a reasonable time span. Yet for the claims to be met in reality requires the needs of cyclists and pedestrians to be intimately involved with the decision-making computers contained within driverless vehicles.


- Looks at the growing importance of China to autonomous transport
- Examines the pace of development in autonomous vehicles
- Assesses what infrastructure will be required in the future
- Looks at the developing regulatory landscape
- Assesses critics of advocates who claim autonomous cars are almost here

Reasons to buy

- What role is China playing in autonomous cars?
- How quick is autonomous technology advancing?
- What new infrastructure will be required for the mass rollout of autonomous cars?
- What is the state of regulations around the world?
- Could the arrival of autonomous cars as a mass market product be a long way from happening?