Construction Sector in the Czech Republic 2014 Development forecasts for 2014-2019




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Learn about upcoming projects in the Czech Republic construction sector.
Report investigates top opportunities; forecasts market development to 2019.
Which types of projects make up the largest share of new construction in the Czech Republic construction market---infrastructure? Residential? Commercial?
Which construction company is the largest and most diverse among those leading the current market? Which are the largest building materials manufacturers supplying this market? Which types of projects are commercial developers planning for the years ahead? What is the current value of the Czech Republic construction market and each of its major segments? 

Find answers to all of these questions and more, in addition to detailed market forecasts that accurately predict the direction of market and price evolution and the influence of prevailing trends and other factors on growth and expansion by accessing Construction sector in the Czech Republic, development forecasts for 2014-2019, a complete source of business information prepared by the experts at PMR.

Benefit from their experience and lengthy observation of the Czech construction market by reviewing this publication, which describes the current market situation in terms of value, wage, price and employment levels. The report provides macroeconomic data and analysis of visible market trends, and predicts their ultimate impact on each market segment. It reports on current conditions and future expectations in all areas of the market and takes a long look at the projects and players as well as the competitive dynamic as it exists between companies actively pursuing and executing new investments.

Two completely updated Excel data presentations are included with this report. Top 100 contractors in the Czech Republic is a comprehensive directory that offers the names, addresses, contact details, revenue and profit/loss data for the largest and most active businesses currently competing for projects across the country. Top 100 planned construction projects in the Czech Republic, also available with the purchase this all inclusive market resource, presents project information on the road, railway and heavy industry construction projects planned for the civil engineering segment of the market. This Excel database also offers project investor and location data as well as details on project size and value and completion status of retail, industrial and office space construction ventures, in addition to the same detailed information as applied to projects in the residential segment of Czech Republic construction.

Construction sector in the Czech Republic, Development forecasts for 2014-2019 functions as an all-purpose reference tool in the offices of busy industry professionals. It is used by construction contractors, building materials, equipment and machinery manufacturers and distributors, designers and project managers, academics and professionals researchers and analysts and financial and investment specialists with interests in the Czech Republic construction sector.

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Table of Content

Methodology 7
Executive summary 9
Construction overview 13
Civil engineering construction 29
Non-residential construction 49
Residential construction 61
Competitive environment 75
List of tables 85

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