Australasia Beverage Forecasts March 2014




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Product Synopsis
Published by Canadean, Australasia Beverage Forecasts provides consumption trends 1999 to 2013 provisional and 2014 to 2019 forecasts for key beverage categories.

Introduction and Landscape
Why was the report written?
This bi-annual report from Canadean is designed to show past consumption trends for all commercial beverage categories and forecast trends five years into the future. Product analysis is broken down into 30 categories: packaged water, bulk/HOD water, carbonates, juice, nectars, still drinks, squash/syrups, fruit powders, iced/rtd tea drinks, iced/rtd coffee drinks, sports drink, energy drinks, hot tea, hot coffee, beer, sorghum beer, cider, spirits, wine, fortified wine, sake, rice wine, FABs, dairy drinks (white milk, fermented milk, drinking yogurt, flavoured milk, soymilk, evaporated and condensed milk).

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?
Key Australasia markets, Australia and New Zealand expected to see growth of their economies slow in 2012 as they are affected by slowdown in demand for exports as the global economic environment remains difficult. Commercial beverage growth forecast to show small growth over the year.

What are the key drivers behind recent market changes?
Consumer concerns about sugar content in drinks are expected to impact categories such carbonates, juice and nectars, whilst iced/rtd tea drinks are forecast to prosper due to their healthy image. Growth in the quencher segment led to decline in still drinks and stagnant growth in nectars.

What makes this report unique and essential to read?
The report facilitates valuable data comparisons, enabling the user to monitor the development of commercial beverages over time by category and determine share of throat. It is an essential aid for anyone interested in the beverage industry.

Key Features and Benefits
Data for 28 individual beverage categories, covering historical trends (1999-2013 provisional and 2014-2019 forecast provided in excel).

Data measures in million litres and litres per capita

Supporting analysis for the individual beverage categories

Canadean's Australasia Beverage Forecasts includes data tables for Australia and New Zealand, plus regional balancers

Key Market Issues
Australia saw an interesting trend of the Hot Drinks category declining in favour of water. This was possibly due to a combination of the climate and awareness of the health benefits of water.

Due to the stagnation of all major categories the Australasia region may see a decline in investment due to the distinct possibility that countries in this region will have a reduced ability to make quick returns on large investments.

The Australasia region is the smallest of the regions tracked and is forecast to be about 20% smaller than the next region in 2019. A mature market that is also small could inhibit local players from emerging as the market will already be crowded by international players.

Key Highlights
Although carbonates were negatively impacted by a health scare it was not to the degree feared. Potentially this is a positive sign for other categories such as Energy Drinks.

As the global economy improves it is likely that this region will see increased tourism which could bolster certain Soft and Alcoholic Drinks segments.

Australia has seen a small increase in demand for milk products as the price has fallen to the point at which they are becoming a viable alternative to other categories, such as still drinks.