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Polycrystallion silicon, commonly known as polysilicon, is a hyper-pure form of silicon. It is classified on the basis of varying purity levels into three broad categories: Electronic-grade Silicon (9N), Medium-grade Silicon (6-7N), and Upgraded Metallurgical-grade Silicon (5N). Solar and semiconductor industries are the two major end markets of polysilicon. The global polysilicon market witnessed a declining trend in the past year which was primarily due to excess capacity and low prices in the industry.
The key factors driving the growth of the aforementioned industry are solar cell market, semiconductor industry and accelerating global economy. Some of the noteworthy trend and developments of this industry are decreasing production cost, stabilizing prices and strong growth rate in the solar market. However, there are a number of hurdles that are holding the polysilicon market, such as industrial overcapacity and heavy capital and time requirement to establish the business.
The report contains a comprehensive analysis of the global polysilicon industry along with detailed study of regional markets including China and Japan. An intense competition is noted among few major players: Wacker Chemie AG, REC Silicon ASA, GCL and SunEdison. Global competitive analysis is also included in the report along with company profiles of the leading players in the market.
The report “Global Polysilicon Market” also analyzes the end markets of the polysilicon industry, including solar and semiconductor industry. By taking into account the major segments of the aforementioned industries, the market outlook of the polysilicon industry is also discussed in detailed in the report.
Table of Content

1. Overview
1.1 Applications of Polysilicon
1.2 Manufacturing Process of Polysilicon
1.3 Types of Polysilicon
1.3.1 Electronic-grade Silicon (9N)
1.3.2 Medium-grade Silicon (6-7N)
1.3.3 Upgraded Metallurgical-grade Silicon (> 5N)
2. Polysilicon Market Analysis
2.1 Global Market
  • Production Volume
  • Capacity Utilization
  • Demand Growth
  • Overcapacity
  • Price Trend
2.2 Regional Markets
2.2.1 China
  • Market Overview
  • Total Imports
  • Imports by Region
 2.2.2 Japan
  • Production Volume
  • Sales Volume 
  • Sales Value
3. End-Markets of Polysilicon
3.1 Solar PV Market
3.1.1 Global Market
  • Demand Growth
  • Regional Breakdown
3.1.2 China
3.1.3 The US
3.1.4 Japan
3.2 Semiconductor Industry
  • Industry Revenues
  • Market Segmentation
  • Regional Breakdown
4. Market Dynamics
4.1 Industrial Trends & Developments
4.1.1 Decreasing Production Cost
4.1.2 Stabilizing Polysilicon Prices
4.1.3 Strong Growth Rate in Solar Market
4.2 Growth Drivers
4.2.1 Rise in Solar Cell Market
4.2.2 Growing Semiconductor Industry
4.2.3 Global GDP
4.3 Challenges & Issues
4.3.1 Industrial Overcapacity
4.3.2 Heavy Capital Requirements
5. Competitive Landscape
  • Market Share
  • Capacity Comparison
6. Company Profiles
6.1 Wacker Chemie AG
6.1.1 Business Overview
6.1.2 Financial Overview
6.1.3 Business Strategies
  • Expansion through Strategic Acquisitions 
  • Collaboration to Achieve Sales Competency
6.2 REC Silicon ASA
6.2.1 Business Overview
6.2.2 Financial Overview
6.2.3 Business Strategies
  • Ceaseless Focus on R&D
  • Sustainable Development
6.3 GCL
6.3.1 Business Overview
6.3.2 Financial Overview
6.3.3 Business Strategies
  • Establishing New Power Plants
  •  Expansion through Acquisitions
6.4 SunEdison
6.4.1 Business Overview
6.4.2 Financial Overview
6.4.3 Business Strategies
  • International Marketing
  • New Product Development
7. Market Outlook
7.1 Global Polysilicon Market
  • Demand
  • Capacity
  • Production
  • Overcapacity
  • Price
7.2 Factors Affecting Polysilicon Market
7.2.1 Solar Market
7.2.2 Solar Cell
7.2.3 Solar Module
7.2.4 Thin Film Module
7.2.5 Wafer
Chinese Polysilicon Import Tariffs by Company (2013)
Top Semiconductor Companies by Revenue (2012-2013E)
Manufacturing Process of Polysilicon
Polysilicon End Market (2013)
Global Polysilicon Production (2005-2013E)
Global Polysilicon Capacity and Capacity Utilisation (2005-2013E)
Polysilicon Capacity Breakdown by Tier (2013)
Global Polysilicon Demand (2007-2013E)
Overcapacity in Polysilicon Industry (2009-2013E)
Polysilicon Spot Prices (June 2010-November 2013)
Global Polysilicon Industry Cost Curve (2013)
China’s Solar Market (2011-2014E)
China’s Polysilion Imports (2010-2013)
China’s Polysilicon Imports: by Regions (Q113-Q413) 
Japan’s Polysilicon Production Volume and YOY Growth (2007-2012)
Japan’s Polysilicon Sales Volume and YOY Growth (2007-2012)
Japan’s Sales Value of Polysilicon (2007-2012)
Japan’s Unit Price of Polysilicon (2007-2012)
Global Solar PV Demand (2007-2015E)
Global Solar PV Demand Breakdown (2013)
Global Solar Annual Installations by Region (2013)
Chinese Solar PV Demand (2009-2015E)
US Solar PV Demand (2009-2015E)
Japanese Solar PV Demand (2009-2015E)
Global Semiconductor Revenue (2005-2013)
Semiconductor Revenue by Product Category (2013)
Semiconductor Sales by Region (2012-2013)
Semiconductor Revenue breakdown by Region (2013)
Global GDP (2005-2012)
Global Polysilicon Production Share Breakdown by Company (2013)
Polysilicon Production Capacity and Production Cost by Players (2013)
Wacker Chemie’ Revenue Share by Business Segments (2013)
Wacker Chemie’s Revenue and Net Income (2007-2013)
REC Silicon ASA’s Revenue (2009-2013)
GCL’s Revenue Share by Business Segments (2013)
Revenues and Net Income of GCL (2009-2013)
SunEdison’s Business Segment Share by Net Sales (2013)
SunEdison’s Business Segment Share by Net Sales (2013)
SunEdison’s Net Sales and Net Income (2009-2013)
Global Polysilicon Demand (2013E-2017E)
Global Polysilicon Production (2013E-2017E)
Global Polysilicon Capacity and Capacity Utilization (2013E-2017E)
Overcapacity in Polysilicon Industry (2013E-2017E)
Spot Price of Polysilicon (2013-2015E)
Regional Split of Solar Installations (2010-2015E)
Key Changes to Solar Forecasts by Country (2013E-2015E)
Global Solar Cell Production (2013E-2017E)
Global Solar Module Production (2013E-2017E)
Global Thin Film Module Production (2013E-2017E)
Global Wafer Production (2013E-2017E)