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The growing importance of high energy efficiency and low carbon emissions has prompted worldwide governments to develop policies for EVs (electric vehicle). Since 2008, the Chinese government has made great efforts to promote EVs through policy support. As of 2013, EV sales in China reached around 14,600 units. Although the share is less than 1% of China's total vehicle sales, the figure has been on the rise. As a leading EV vendor in China, BYD has developed battery technologies and other key technologies for electric power systems. The company has targeted the enterprise market with a focus on public transport. This report analyzes BYD's EV business model, product offerings, and technological development, along with its future challenges and opportunities.
Table of Contents

1. BYD's Business Performance and Business Model
1.1 A Glance at China's EV Market
1.2 Product Specifications and Sales Performance

2. Sales Model and Distribution Channels
2.1 In Collaboration with Local Government: Shenzhen Business Model
2.2 Operation of Electric Taxis in Collaboration with Shenzhen Bus Company
2.3 Zero Vehicle Purchase Price, Zero Costs, Zero Emissions

3. Production Model
3.1 Main Production Bases in China with New Plants Underway in US
3.2 Key Component Supply Chain

4. Technology Development
4.1 Rechargeable Batteries
4.2 Charging Technology

5. Conclusion

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Table 1 BYD\'s EV Sales Volume in China, 2009 - 2014
Table 2 Performance Comparison of BYD\'s EVs
Table 3 BYD\'s \"Zero Vehicle Purchase Price, Zero Costs, Zero Emissions\" Solution
Table 4 Comparison of Key Component Supply Chains of BYD, Zotye, Tesla
Table 5 Comparison of Lithium Battery Characteristics

Figure 1 New Energy Vehicle Production Volume in China, 2011 - 2013
Figure 2 New Energy Vehicle Sales Volume in China, 2011 - 2013
Figure 3 New Energy Vehicle Sales Volume in China and the United States in 2013
Figure 4 BYD\'s Cooperative Business Model in Shenzhen
Figure 5 BYD\'s China Production Sites
Figure 6 BYD\'s Bi-directional Charging and Discharging Technlogy