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The Beer Market Insight United Kingdom report contains detailed brand, distribution and packaging data and analysis across the United Kingdom beer market for 2013. Brand and packaging volume data is available whilst value data is also available for distribution data. Text analysis reveals the drivers behind the data.

Key Findings
- The UK beer market declined but only slightly and 2013 was the best performance of the beer market for a decade
- Off-premise performance was boosted by good weather among other factors
- The leading brand changed in 2013 compared to 2012

Beer Market Insight reports provide detailed data and textual analysis of the beer category and the report contains four sections plus an Executive Summary, a concise summary of the report including key findings and drivers.

Section 1: Market Context

A summary of the external conditions and factors which impact on the beer market

- Market Context

- Market Environment

- The Consumer Palate

- All Commercial Beverages

- Legislation and Taxation

- Market Parameters Tables

- Legislation and Taxation Tables

Section 2: Market Background Briefing

A brief history of brewing in the country proving context to current market structure

Section 3: Market Update

Each section contains text explaining the main drivers behind the 2013 data

- Current and Emerging Trends

- Outlook

- Imports and Exports

- Segmentation

- Brand Analysis

- Private Label/Private Label Producers

- New Products and Photo Shots

- Market Structure

- Brewers

- Packaging Trends

- Channel Analysis

- Market Valuation and Pricing

- Distribution Trends

- Beer Pricing Tables

- Beer Data Tables*

Section 4: Brewer Profiles

A brief history of each major player in the country along with discussion of facilities, key events and developments in 2013

*Data is segmented by the following attributes in Beer Market Insight reports;


- Alcoholic Strength

- Beer Type

- Brand

- Brand Owner

- Brewed In

- Calorie Rating

- Country of Origin

- Geographic Scope

- Geography

- Local Operator

- Local Segment

- Modus Operandi

- Price Segment

- PL indicator

- Trademark Brand


- Off-premise

- Off-premise sub channel

- On-premise

- On-premise sub channel

- Price Segmentation


- Pack Material

- Pack Type

- Pack Size
Refillable Indicator

The Market Insight United Kingdom report contains detailed data segmented by many attributes which gives you a cohesive picture of the market and this data is combined with insight into the drivers of trends allowing you to identify opportunities and threats within the United Kingdom market. The extensive data shows you the performance of brands and brewers allowing you to compare and track performances. This report will point out how it may be possible for brewers to take inspiration from the growing UK cider market and how some brewers (not all small) are capitalizing on the profitable craft beer segment.

List of Tables
Table 1: Data Revisions Summary
Table 2: United Kingdom Population Size and Growth, 1991-2016F
Table 3: West Europe Population Size and Growth, 2003-2014F
Table 4: United Kingdom Economic Indicators, 2005-2015F
Table 5: West Europe Commercial Beverage Consumption - Per Capita, 2003-2014F
Table 6: West Europe Commercial Beverage Consumption - Per Capita % Share, 2003-2014F
Table 7: West Europe Commercial Beverage Consumption - Per Capita Growth, 2004-2014F
Table 8: Taxation Base
Table 9: Excise Duty by Percentage Alcohol by Volume (From April 2014)
Table 10: Historical Excise Rates of Beer
Table 11: Legal Controls on Beer
Table 13: Leading Retail Groups for Beer 2009-2013 (number of outlets)
Table 14: Beer Key Facts
Table 15: Top 10 Beer Brands - Volume, 2011-2013
Table 16: Top 10 International Premium and Superpremium Beer Brands - Volume, 2011-2013
Table 17: Licensed Brand Owners and Licensees
Table 18: Beer Market Valuation (Local Currency), 2012-2014F
Table 19: Trade Margin Build-Up Model
Table 22: Beer Production/Trade/Consumption 000 HL, 2003-2014F
Table 23: Beer Production/Trade/Consumption - Growth, 2003-2014F
Table 24: Consumption of FABs and Cider (000 HL), 2003-2014F
Table 25: Beer Foreign Trade By Country (Imports), 2010-2014F
Table 26: Beer Foreign Trade By Country (Exports), 2010-2014F
Table 27: Beer Market Valuation (Local Currency), 2012-2014F
Table 28: Beer Consumption by Local Definition, 2010-2014F
Table 29: Beer Consumption by Standard Price Segmentation, 2010-2014F
Table 30: Beer Consumption by Alcoholic Strength, 2010-2014F
Table 31: Beer Consumption by Type, 2010-2014F
Table 32: Beer Consumption by Geographic Scope, 2010-2014F
Table 33: Beer All Trademarks, 2009-2013
Table 34: Beer Brands by Local Definition, 2009-2013
Table 35: Beer Brands by Standard Price Segment, 2009-2013
Table 36: Beer Brands by Alcoholic Strength, 2009-2013
Table 37: Beer Brands by Type, 2009-2013
Table 38: Imported Brands by Origin, 2009-2013
Table 39: Beer Licensed Brands, 2009-2013
Table 40: Beer Private Label Brands, 2009-2013
Table 41: Beer Trademark Owners, 2009-2013
Table 42: Beer Local Operators, 2009-2013
Table 43: Beer leading Brewers/Importers, 2009-2013
Table 44: Beer Consumption by Pack Mix: Refillability/Pack/Size, 2010-2014F
Table 45: Beer Distribution: On vs Off Premise, 2010-2014F
Table 46: Breweries Capacity (000s HL)
Table 47: A-BInBev Uk Full Brand List
Table 48: A-BInBev UK Brand Volumes 2011-2013
Table 49: InBev UK Brand Volumes 2009-2013
Table 50: Breweries Capacity (000s HL)
Table 51: C&C Group Full Brand List [1]
Table 52: Breweries Capacity (000s HL)
Table 53: Carlsberg Full Brand List
Table 54: Carlsberg UK Brand Volumes 2009-2013
Table 55: Breweries Capacity (000s HL)
Table 56: Diageo Full Brand List
Table 57: Diageo, Great Britain Brand Volumes 2009-2013
Table 58: Diageo, Northern Ireland Brand Volumes 2009-2013
Table 59: Breweries Capacity (000s HL)
Table 60: Greene King Full Brand List [1]
Table 61: Greene King Brand Volumes 2009-2013
Table 62: Breweries Capacity (000s HL) [4]
Table 63: Heineken Full Brand List
Table 64: Heineken UK Brand Volumes 2010-2013
Table 65: Breweries Capacity (000s HL)
Table 66: Marstons Full Brand List
Table 67: Marston`s Brand Volumes 2009-2013
Table 68: Miller Brands Full Brand List
Table 69: Miller Brands UK Brand Volumes 2009-2013
Table 70: Breweries Capacity (000s Hl)
Table 71: Molson Coors Brand List
Table 72: Molson Coors Brewers UK Brand Volumes 2009-2013
Table 73: Breweries Capacity (000s HL)
Table 74: Wells And Youngs Full Brand List
Table 75: Wells & Youngs Brewing Co Brand Volumes 2009-2013
Table 75: Adnams Plc
Table 75: Budweiser Budvar UK Ltd
Table 76: Cobra Beer UK
Table 77: Daniel Thwaites Plc
Table 78: Fuller, Smith & Turner Plc
Table 79: Hall & Woodhouse
Table 80: Shepherd Neame Ltd
Table 81: Wadworth & Co Ltd

List of Figures
Figure 1: Beer Leading Brewers/Importers, 2013
Figure 2: Beer Consumption by Pack Material/Type, 2013
Figure 3: Beer Distribution by Channel, 2013
Figure 4: Beer Consumption by Price Segment, 2013