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A new video game market segment

Smart toys' or 'app toys' consist of three interconnected elements: a video game (or application interface), one or more connected objects and a distribution platform with a display. Smart toys now constitute a new market segment, halfway between the video game and toy industries.. This report analyses the current state of development of this phenomenon, including the operating principles, creative potential, summary of current offerings, business models and challenges facing the industry.
Table of Content

1. Executive Summary 

2. Methodology & definitions 
2.1. General methodology of IDATE's reports 
2.2. Methodology specific to this report

3. Introduction: The Internet of Toys 

4. Smart toys: from Skylanders to NukoToys 
4.1. Industry context of smart toys 
4.1.1. The smart toy market borrows from the toy and electronics sectors 
4.1.2. Touch mobile devices and smart toys are forming a promising partnership
4.1.3. The home consoles market 
4.2. Skylanders: birth of a disruptive innovation
4.2.1. An innovative idea: bring connected toys and video games together
4.2.2. The NFC standard makes the game ubiquitous 
4.2.3. A business model based on collectibles
4.2.4. Results beyond all expectations
4.3. Other forms of smart toys and their business models 
4.3.1. Board games, a particularly promising market segment
4.3.2. The technological options for interfacing
4.3.3. Analysis of the business and pricing models being implemented
4.4. Detailed description of a selection of smart toys
4.4.1. 'AppMATes' by Spin Masters
4.4.2. 'Apptivity' by Mattel
4.4.3. The 'iPawn' and 'appCards' line of games by Jumbo 
4.4.4. The 'zAPPed' line of games by Hasbro 
4.4.5. GameChanger and Verzis, new game platforms incorporating tablets and smartphones
4.4.6. The 'Furby Boom', interactive soft toy by Hasbro 
4.4.7. The 'AppGear' line of games by WowWee 
4.4.8. Interactive trading card games by NukoToys 
4.4.9. 'Life of George' by Lego 
4.4.10. '10 digits' by Marbotic
4.4.11. 'Disney Infinity'
4.4.12. Prodigy
4.4.13. PlayStation Wonderbook by Sony
4.4.14. 'Kazooloo' by Nordau Creative, on the fringes of smart toys 

5 Challenges and market prospects 
5.1. Challenges along the value chain
5.1.1. Development studios: constantly pursuing innovation
5.1.2. Publishers: creating an entirely new genre
5.1.3. Toy manufacturers: exploiting their licences 
5.2. Market outlook
Table 1: US Domestic Markets Toys, 2011 to 2013 
Table 2: Global Media Tablet Domestic Shipments, by region/country, 2014 to 2018 
Table 3: Smartphone Domestic Shipments, by region/country, 2014 to 2018 
Table 4: Home Consoles Domestic sales, by region/country, 2014 to 2018 
Table 5: Games available as part of the Skylanders franchise in 2011 
Table 6: Smart toys studied in this report 
Table 7: Role of mobile device among smart toys studied, and technology used for interaction between toy and mobile device 
Table 8: Worldwide Smart Toys Market 
Table 9: Part of Smart Toy Market/Video Game Market and Toy Market 
Figure 1: Growth of the global smart toy market 
Figure 2: Global games market 
Figure 3: Projections of the Resident Population by Sex for the United States, 2015 to 2035 
Figure 4: How Skylanders works 
Figure 5: Nintendo\'s NFC action figurines 
Figure 6: Prices for smart toys studied 
Figure 7: Spin Master\'s AppMATes 
Figure 8: Mattel\'s Apptivity 
Figure 9: Apptivity Cut the Rope 
Figure 10: Apptivity Monkey 
Figure 11: Game of Goose 
Figure 12: Sound Bingo appCards 
Figure 13: Monopoly zAPPed Edition 
Figure 14: GameChanger 
Figure 15: Verzis 
Figure 16: Crayola DigiTools Effects 
Figure 17: Furby Boom 
Figure 18: The Elite CommandAR game concept 
Figure 19: The Elite CommandAR screen 
Figure 20: Screenshot of WildLands 
Figure 21: Screenshot of Monsterology 
Figure 22: Life of George 
Figure 23: 10 digits by Marbotic 
Figure 24: The Disney Infinity Base 
Figure 25: Prodigy 
Figure 26: Wonderbook: The Book of Spells 
Figure 27: The Kazooloo game concept 
Figure 28: Screenshot of the Kazooloo game 
Figure 29: Marvel NFC figurine 
Figure 30: Evolution of Worldwide Smart Toys Market