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World Cigarettes India focuses on the extent to which the market has evolved during the last twelve years in line with changing smoking habits in India, the competitive environment and economic developments. The end result is an accurate and objective interpretation of market trends (since 1990) and directions, assessing underlying currents of change and projecting the market scenarios of the future, providing forecasts to 2022.

Although India is a large market for cigarettes on account of its large population, growth in the market remains constrained by low incomes and the popularity of bidis and chewing tobacco. As a result, per capita consumption of manufactured cigarettes is very low at 98 pieces currently - little changed in the last 20 years - and only 6.3% of men and 0.6% of women smoke them.

Two BAT associates - ITC and VST - dominate the market, together accounting for around almost 82% of the market. Imports account for only 0.5% of the market although this is up on 0.2% in 2008.