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World Cigarettes South Korea focuses on the extent to which the market has evolved during the last twelve years in line with changing smoking habits in South Korea, the competitive environment and economic developments. The end result is an accurate and objective interpretation of market trends (since 1990) and directions, assessing underlying currents of change and projecting the market scenarios of the future, providing forecasts to 2022.

KTandG's dominance of the South Korean cigarette market continues to decline, its share having fallen by 31.6% points since 2000. However, it continues to be the clear leader in the market, leading the number two player, PMI by around 39% points in 2011.

The South Korean cigarette market is large, at around 90 billion pieces and per capita consumption remains high at around 1,850 pieces although this is in slow but gradual decline. Smoking prevalence is high with 42% of adult males still smoking although this is down from 68% in 1990. Few South Korean women smoke.