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Smoking tobacco Spain provides an in-depth and strategic analysis of the market for RYO/MYO tobacco markets. The report establishes market size and structure, analyses trends and developments for the last 13 years with forecasts to 2022. Detailed information is provided on consumption trends, grey market, product availability and development, retail pricing, taxation rates and structures, manufacturer positioning and share, brand ownership and share, national production and trade data and trends, key operating constraints and future potential, including forecasts.

While there is no tradition of hand rolling cigarettes in Spain, demand is booming as a result of rising prices and the need to seek a more economical alternative to manufactured cigarettes. Today, some 14.5% of cigarettes smoked are hand rolled.

The market is keenly contested and led by Imperial Tobacco although it has suffered long-term erosion of its share. All the international players are present and JTI and PMI, ranked second and fifth respectively, are showing strong share growth.