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Cigars and Cigarillos Spain offers the very latest sector-by-sector analysis, providing an objective evaluation of the marketplace, including analysis of industry structure, product innovation, market and brand shares, taxation and legislation and forecasts to 2021. Comprehensive analytical interpretation of survey results highlights key issues and emergent trends currently shaping market developments.

Following an explosion in sales of cigarillos (specifically eco-cigarillos) since 2009 (sales doubling since to 2.12 billion pieces), per capita consumption in Spain of 47.3 pieces is now the highest in the world's key markets and Spain is now third in a ranking of absolute volumes. Villiger has been the main beneficiary, its share up to 20% from virtually nothing four years ago, with its Braniff brand now lying second to Imperial's Coburn which lost share in 2012. Rising cigarette prices will continue to encourage smokers to switch to entry level cigar products and growth in these will continue through to 2022 although at a slower rate than in the recent past. Conversely, demand for large cigars is forecast to be half current levels.