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Cigars and Cigarillos Switzerland offers the very latest sector-by-sector analysis, providing an objective evaluation of the marketplace, including analysis of industry structure, product innovation, market and brand shares, taxation and legislation and forecasts to 2021. Comprehensive analytical interpretation of survey results highlights key issues and emergent trends currently shaping market developments.

Consumption of cigars and cigarillos has declined by 23.8% since 1990 despite the fact that 11% of men smoke them, along with 6% of women. At 22.4 pieces, per capita consumption is relatively high by international standards. Switzerland is home to Burger Shne and Villiger Shne which accounted for a combined 86% of market volume in 2012. As a result, STG's profile is lower than it is in many other countries, reaching only just over 7% in 2012; the same is true of fourth-ranking Imperial with 5.4%.