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Cigars and Cigarillos United Kingdom offers the very latest sector-by-sector analysis, providing an objective evaluation of the marketplace, including analysis of industry structure, product innovation, market and brand shares, taxation and legislation and forecasts to 2021. Comprehensive analytical interpretation of survey results highlights key issues and emergent trends currently shaping market developments.

The UK cigar market is quite sizeable in Western European terms although the overall market has contracted considerably since 1990 when consumption stood at approaching 1.6 billion pieces. Since then consumption has declined to 443 million pieces: just 7 pieces per head. Miniatures account for just over two-thirds of overall sales and demand for these has held up better than that for larger cigars. STG, with its Caf Crme brand family, dominates sales in the sector with a 63.3% share in 2012, with Gallaher's (JTI) Hamlet the main competitor.