OTC Market In Poland 2014 Development Forecasts For 2014-2019




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What’s in store for Poland’s OTC market over the remainder of the decade?

Report reveals top companies and products, forecasts development for 2014-2019.
Which consumer trends are currently driving growth in Poland’s OTC market for drugs and dietary supplements? Will they continue to do so over the coming years? Which are the top selling products? Where do Polish consumers shop for OTC products? What impact has the Reimbursement Act of 2012 exerted upon this market? How will this and other regulations affect the OTC market in Poland to 2019? What are the recent sales figures for the leading categories of OTC products in Poland? By how much are sales projected to grow during 2014-2019?

OTC market in Poland 2014, Development forecasts for 2014-2019, is a complete study of the market that reveals recent performance, current status and expected directions of growth until the end of the decade. 

It provides a collection of historical data, offers current sales data for all key OTC product categories and includes forecasts for future development that have been prepared by PMR analysts with years of experience in the Polish pharmaceutical sector and the OTC market.

The report furnishes listings of the best-selling products in leading categories and provides profiles of the leading producers and manufacturers on this market. It describes them in terms of value, scope and prospects, and takes a look at market conditions that can potentially affect profit, such as regulatory issues, trends and macroeconomic influences.

This document also offers data describing current value and predicted growth for the market as well as well as details on the share of the pharmaceutical market in Poland occupied by OTC products. It explores the effects of various types of regulation of the manufacture, sale, labeling and advertising of over-the-counter medicines and dietary and nutritional supplements and scans the future for upcoming regulations to determine their potential effects on market development during the forecast period.

OTC market in Poland 2014, Development forecasts for 2014-2019 was compiled to meet the information needs of manufacturers, distributors and wholesale and retail sellers of this growing collection of medicinal and nutritional preparations available to Polish consumers without physician approval.  It also meets the information, data and forecast requirements of management and executive level personnel at companies that manufacture OTC preparations, wholesale distributors, Non-pharmacy and E-commerce distributors, industry analysts and business consultants and specialists in business and educational and research. 

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