Babycare - China - November 2014




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The relaxation of the one-child policy in 2013 will result in more newborns in the future. This coupled with increasingly disposable income and growing appreciation towards babycare products will foresee growth of China’s blooming babycare market from RMB 4,283 million in 2013 to reach RMB 8,871 million in 2019 with a CAGR of 15.4% from 2014-19.

Sophisticated mothers (ie higher education/income/tier cities and working) are core users of babycare products and are also those with higher demands towards products’ ingredient safety and functionality. These mothers are also active online shoppers that tend to use online sources to search production information. However, offline channels remain important, especially mother and babycare stores which can provide expert human advice for less experienced parents.