Data Shared Plan Opportunities: Business Models and Pricing Strategies



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About the ‘Data Shared Plan Opportunities, Business Models and Pricing Strategies' report 

The report published in PowerPoint is accompanied by a comprehensive tracker of 73 shared-data offerings and their specifics. It looks in detail at the shared-data plan opportunity, business models and pricing structures. 

About Data Share Options 

Data Sharing services - a new trend - which has been introduced by a number of MNOs worldwide. As the number of Tablets, Laptops and Smartphones per household has multiplied, operators have started to introduce shared usage plans to be used by the multiple devices or users. 

Operators seek to monetise the connected device opportunity by bringing shared-data plans to market that permit users to sign up to a single service plan and share the inclusive data allowance across a number of different devices, such as a smartphone, a tablet and a router, owned by one or multiple users. 
Table of Content

Report Structure
Shared-Data Plans Drivers
Statistics of 73 Shared-Data Plans Globally
Business Models
Further Discussion Points
Marketing Messages
Marketing Material used by operators
Executive Summary

The Tracker available in Excel and allowing for comparisons of the following fields:
Service name
Business Model
Max No of SIMs
Max Nos of users
Additional SIM(s) can use voice, SMS, data
Additional SIM(s) data allowance
Off-off fee per additional phone SIM (LC/USD)
Monthly fee per additional phone SIM (LC/USD)
Off-off fee per additional tablet SIM (LC/USD)
Monthly fee per additional tablet SIM (LC/USD)
Off-off fee per additional data-only device SIM (LC/USD)
Monthly fee per additional data-only device SIM (LC/USD)
Marketing Message
Compatibilities and restrictions