Marketing to Mums - China - December 2014




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According to the National Bureau of Statistics, there are more than 15 million women giving birth to babies in China every year, with the majority of them (about 65%) being first-time mums. The proportion of first-time mums is even higher amongst urban consumers – reaching an average of 89% over the past three years among mums living in tier one to three cities who are surveyed in Mintel’s online interview.

The fact that these mums have experienced radical changes in their life over the past a few years – from being a little empress to their own parents to becoming responsible for their own family and kids – requires them to gain new physical skills (eg, cooking, baby care), setting up new goals in life (both for themselves and for other family members) as well as making more efficient use of their time and effort to be able to accomplish their goals.

It is undoubted that mums will be looking for support – both physical and emotional – from companies and society to aid them through the process.