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The Global Market for Malt Beverages report offers and insight in to this often overlooked, but increasingly important, beverage segment. The report provides insight into the two distinct types of malt beverage and analysis of key players at a regional and country level for the three key regions; MENA, LatAm and Africa. It includes data on brand volumes, packaging and the split between on- and off-premise consumption. The text provides important background information and discusses likely developments. 

Key Findings

  • Malt beverages are an increasingly important segment
  • A key product allowing brewers to diversify and to enter markets where alcohol is prohibited or discouraged
  • Malt beverages could be an opportunity for brewers to capitalise on the health and wellness trend
  • Clear malt offers a wider target consumer group than for traditional malt beverages


This report focuses on three key regions; MENA, Latin America and the Caribbean and Africa.

The executive summary gives an overview of the segment including production methods, Canadean definitions of malt drinks, a history of the segment, discussion of the key players and brands, positioning malt beverages , the segmentation of malt beverages into dark and light variant, current and emerging trends and outlook for the segment. 

The executive summary includes the following tables and figures

  • Leading malt beverage brands by local operator 2014
  • Malt beverage volume by region 2009-2014
  • Malt beverage volume by type 2009-2014

There is a chapter for each of the three regions which include a regional summary comprising a discussion of the overall trends for the region and key players and also some summary tables/figures showing regional consumption and the split between clear and dark malt. Each of the main markets in the region is then considered in turn including discussion of the main players and brands, flavor preferences and any emerging trends. For each market the following tables/figures are presented;

  • Trends in malt beverages (split between clear and dark malt) 2009-2014
  • Leading malt beverage brands 2009-2014
  • Leading malt beverage brans, brand owners and local operators
  • Malt beverages by flavor
  • Malt beverage packaging 2009-2014
  • Malt beverage channel mix 2009-2014 

Reasons To Buy

  • The Global Market for Malt Beverages report provides data and insight into the key malt beverage markets on a regional and country basis. Key drivers are considered for both the segment overall and brands/players giving the reader an understanding of the market and he ability to spot opportunities.