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The beverage can market represents a significant part of the metal packaging industry. The metal packaging is used in a wide range of industries like, preserved/packaged food, energy drinks, beverages, cosmetics, and healthcare. The beverage can market is characterized by innovative packaging style, extensive outlook, portability, and light weight packaging. Change in lifestyle, demographics and consumer preferences have a direct impact on consumption pattern and packaging trends. 

The beverage can market has seen a significant growth over time and it is expected to grow further in the coming years. In early 2010, the growth in industry was significantly moderate but it is expected to pick up again as the global economy recovers completely from the downturn. Seeing the growth potential in emerging markets, the players have increased their operations and expansion is projected in years to come. 

North America is the primary market for beverage can industry. Europe is the second largest developed market after North America, representing the fastest growing market. The European beverage can market continues to increase its share of the global consumer packaging market with UK being the largest share holder in European market. Asian regions, Middle-East and Eastern Europe provide ample growth opportunities for the players.

The present report offers an analysis of the global beverage can market and assesses the market by geography and segments. It also discusses major market trends, growth drivers, industry challenges and potential markets for beverage cans. The report also presents the competitive structure of the industry and profiles major players in the beverage can market including Rexam, Ball Corporation and Crown Holdings.

Further, we have predicted the future growth of the global metal packaging market by combining SPSS Inc.s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS to determine the future direction of the industry.
Table of Content

1. Global Packaging Market

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Market Overview
1.3 Consumer Packaging Market
Consumer Packaging Segments:
By Material
By End Markets
By Region

2. Metal Beverage Can Market
2.1 Metal Beverage Can: Process Overview
Types of Cans
Manufacturing Process
2.2 Metal Packaging Market
Market Size
2.3 Beverage Can Market
Regional Breakdown
End Markets

3. Beverage Can - Regional Market Analysis
3.1 Developed Markets
3.1.1 European Beverage Can Market
Market Size

Types of Cans and their Uses
Scenario for Emerging Markets
Global Beverage Can Market Position (Share in Volume, Units in Billion, 2009)
Dependent & Independent Variables: 20052009
Correlation Matrix
Model Summary Coefficient of Determination
Regression Coefficients Output

Levels of Packaging
Purpose of Packaging
Consumer Packaging by Material
Global Packaging Industry Market Size: 2004&2009
Global Market Revenues for Consumer Packaging Market by Material: 2009
Global Consumer Packaging Market by Material (%): 2009
Global Consumer Packaging Market Growth by End Use (%): 2009
Global Consumer Packaging Market Growth (%) by Geographic Region: 2009
Metal Beverage Can Manufacturing Process
Global Metal Packaging Market Size: 2004-2009
Global Beverage Can Market Share by Region (%, Volume), 2009
Global Beverage Can Market Growth by Geography (%), 2009
Global Beverage Can Market Growth by Segment (%), 2009
European Beverage Can Shipment: 2005-2009
Breakdown of European Canned Shipment by Country, %, 2009
Europe Beverage Can Market by Major Players: 2009
Share of Europe Beverage Can Market by Segment: 2009
North American Beverage Can Market Aluminum Shipments: (2001-2012E)
Rising Demand for Specialty Cans Shipments in North America (2002-2010E)
Rising Demand for Energy Drinks by Volume in North America (2002-2010E)
Market Share of North American Beverage Can Market, 2009
Market Share of North American Beverage Can Market by Segment, 2009
Brazil Beverage Can Market Share, 2010
Brazil Beverage Can Market by Container, 2010
Brazil Beverage Can Market Demand v/s Capacity, (2000-2010)
Brazil Beverage Can Market Shipment by Volume, (2000-2011E)
China Beverage Can Market Share, (2009)
Russian Beverage Can Market Share, (2009)
Share of Beer Production by Region, 2009
Aluminum Beverage Can Recycling Rate (%, 2003-2009)
Beverage Can Source Reduction (ounces per can), 1973-2009
World GDP (2005-2013E)
World Private Consumption per Head (2005-2013E)
Recycled Aluminum Annual Production Capacity (2005-2013E)
Aluminum Prices (US$/Million Ton): 2001-2010
Steel Prices (US$/Million Ton): 2008-2011
Market Shares of Major Players: 2009
Crown Holdings: Net Revenue & Net Income: 2006-2010
Crown Holdings Net Sales distribution by Geography (%, 2010)
Total Revenue and Net Income Comparison: 2009 & 2010
Percentage Share of Revenues by Geographic Regions: 2010
Total Revenue and Net Income: 2006-2010
Global Metal Packaging Market Forecast: 2005-2013E