Global Diaper Market Report: 2011 Edition



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Hygiene market is considered to be one of the most stable, non-cyclical industries. During the last century, the best way to provide baby care was cloth diapers until the concept of disposable diapers came into existence. These days, diapers are becoming more and more comfortable, thinner and environmentally sound. Adult diapers are required for those adults who suffer from problems such as incontinence, difficulty in movement or dementia.

Diaper & Training pant represents the largest portion of hygiene market. Africa had been the largest market for baby diaper and training pants. Baby diaper penetration rate has been very high in countries like North America, EU and Japan. In the global hygiene market, underdeveloped markets show huge potential of growth.

Increase in global population resulting into more infants being born, has been the major driver of baby diaper market. Increase in standard of living of the people due to rising GDP is yet another important factor contributing to the growth of the overall diaper market. Rising aging population is the key driver of adult diaper market.

In our report, hygiene market has been divided into three segments: baby diaper & training, feminine care and adult diaper. Diaper market is further categorized into baby diaper and adult diaper segments. The report analyzes the global diaper market including regions like the US, China, Japan and India. All key drivers of the diaper market have been discussed in the report. Key trends like GDP growth rate in developing countries, rate of birth and GDP per capita have also been analyzed. Major challenges faced by the market have also been highlighted. The report profiles major players in the diaper market.